Why cant we have a seasonal dragon with deathgaze?

If your a level 200 and want to attack a level 500 its almost impossible to kill a single maxed tower.
Yes I know your not supposed to.
Yet EMBER still can
There are plenty of seasonal and non seasonal dragons I use if I want to just kill a maxed tower or 2.
Maybe Im just following a teammate and trying to help out.
We had sylpehn which is awesome but his death stare has a decent cool down.

I am vaguard and my cleanup dragon is Renard. What does that say about a good cleanup dragon.

You can. Put any seasonal dragon in your roster and equip death gaze.

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talk about wasting resources. I build timers and hammers.

They drop from monuments too.

That’s because his death stare is white, and needs some significant limiter since it would be mega-OP with no cooldown.

If you mean a seasonal divine with a red death gaze, then maybe. What’s wrong with using Renard though? If they get the job done then :man_shrugging:.

Didnt we just have a season dragon with death gaze last season? The other mythic, not Ronin. Cant remember its name.

I agree with the cool down it makes sense. White deathgaze is awesome. But Im just looking for a red deathgaze. I would love ember that goes to empyrean. Even Renard is great but if you run our if rage one shot and hes dead. I like a little padding just incase a lucky shot .

the fox Zenko and his toolkit but you had to destroy a tower to get deathgaze, and only particular towers. not a cleanup dragon at all. Most towers gave you ensnaring Vines

Oh and Slyphen more or less had DG, except it was white with a cool down. But people really did well with him in the cleanup role.


As you wrote, “There are plenty of seasonal and non seasonal dragons I use if I want to just kill a maxed tower or 2.”
So, why you need more seasonal with DG? Renard, Apophet, Enki, Hau, at last.

I want a dragon with yellow (passive) death gaze. Towers just explode as the dragon flies by.


HAHA that might be a little much. So a seasonal dragon with deathgaze would be to strong? So it probably wont happen?

The best part is, only I can get this dragon. Its not available to you guys.


There are deathgaze-like spells, even this season, doesn’t Dreth’s surge count? They have to put a cooldown or the dragon would be over powered.

Umbral spike, Galvanic overload and others exist as well. You will have a lot of good cleanup dragons at some point. You’re really not supposed to be able to kill people several hundred levels over you though. As you won’t like it when the tables reverse. Hence the sarcasm of Dae (I believe)


I’m just always sarcastic. I don’t have a point. Don’t mind me.


I have dreth and he does not do good against larger bases. I love his shield helps him live for a moment or 2. His hydrostrike is 2,000% of dragons attack but he is not a hunter so his attack is naturally lower Ive been deabting on maxing out his rider to see if I could use him like that but even then he has to cooldown even if I have rage I cant send out 3 fast shots. Like ember/renard. Dreth is my goto for my invader base. Good little dragon but not for war or hitting larger bases

Like I said, I don’t think the intent is to be able to take bases 300 levels higher than yourself. When you get Hau and learn to fly proficiently you can use crumble to dust to wipe out more than just a tower or two at a time.

My personal favorite was Jorm - hopefully by the time you get there she will still be an awesome dragon. Just gotta watch for those ice flak and double reds


I find dreth to be pretty bleh. The only reason he’s still in my roster is because he heals fast right now. As soon as this season is over he’s going on the shelf next to Anapa.


I barley started Harbinger so I have a way to get to JORM. Thanks for the chat guys. it helped a little.

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