Why CHEST is too Rare


Is it only me who got 1 chest and lucky to get 2 chest? Or got even Zero? :persevere::persevere::persevere:


Are you hitting all of the monuments? I think there is 8 of them or something like that.

Are you hitting small bases compared to the dragons you are using?

Sometimes it just doesn’t doesn’t work right.

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It may just be “luck” sometimes i get a ridiculous amount others like you said i get zero

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The quantity of chests dropping has certainly reduced since the new season compared to last.

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I dont think it has, between Fort and Feeding Im back up to 1000 bronze chests after opening them all during gauntlet


Bronze drop rate is about 5/27 / monument, so getting 1 - 2 chest each run is average…

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I am getting 10 rubies instead of chests on this event.


Same here. After they updated the season tab, my chests were replaced with ruby drops.

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Mine fixed the ruby drops after update.

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I usually get 2-5 luck to get get 2 now because I always get 1 or 0 :joy::joy:


Mostly I got zero :joy::joy:


Sorry didn’t reply but they did fix it :+1:


If you’re getting chests at all and not rubies then it’s most likely this

Top 3 dragons attack power is probably to high.

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Thanks for this info