Why cripple the game and some players

Why are you high levels so against trying to make the game better even for yourselves. Yes my idea benefits the lower levels more but you would still benefit from it. I believe more people want it than dont. And you guys dont even wanna try to balance it. They shouldn’t b for sale the the other stuff they have… I was thinkin your allowed 5 packs that’s it. That gives you 5 dragons to evolve to the max. Personally it sound like you high level players dont want low level players to have b able to complete dragons even ones that are only 2 stones away from being completed… I play every single day for at least 3 hours a day and because of my level the seasonal dragon are basically a tease and waste of time. Talk about discouraging. Why would anyone wanna waste all that hard work and time for something they know they wont complete. All you people have forgotten the times when you couldn’t complete events. No instead of trying to make the game better for everyone you wanna make it harder and LESS fun to play. I’m more than confident that every single player has at least 1 dragon they would like to further…I dont understand it. And I doubt you could give me 1 actually good reason why that wouldnt work. Even if PG only did 1 stone pack. Everyone that spent 40 USD on the stone pack would get 1 single dragon to take with them to the end

Why don’t you think about the whole other than just “poor low levels”. Or, hell, do some research,


Edit; the funnier part is you think they’d sell it for $40. Carsis, a green, is for sale at $300 honey.


My question will be.
Why didn’t you spent for the stone back then? Super Sigil Chest was there during last 2 events of Wintertide, and 5k rubies give approx 1.1k sigils…


The main problem of that is those packs render hardwork and spending useless.

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I dont have the luxury to pay and play. My idea would benefit every single player with no actual draw back. The closest you get to a draw back is everyone that just breezes thru the event wont b able to decide whobtonjse the pack on

I cannot even express the number of times I have had this conversation. Just because you want it doesn’t mean:

  1. it’s good for the game
  2. it’s good for the finances of the company
  3. it’ll make people happy
  4. it’s a good idea

And just because I don’t want doesn’t mean I am somehow wrong here. Do some research, like actually go read some topics honey.

TL;DR since you won’t:

If people can flat out buy the dragons, why would they spend in seasons? If people could buy the dragons I work for, why would I try in seasons. If people could literally just buy whatever they want, why would people do anything or try at all? ESPECIALLY with older dragons. They are a point of pride, history, and bragging rights. Just because you want it, doesn’t mean you should have it. To quote myself:

Figurine is made.
Figurine is given out at a special event.
Everyone who went to the event and participated got this commemorative figurine.
A year later someone wants the figurine.
It’s not made anymore.
“But I want it”. Still not made anymore.
“But I attended the event just didn’t participate.” Still not made anymore.
“But I couldn’t attend the event then.” Still not made anymore.
“But you could make money selling it to me.” Still not made anymore AND it would piss off the people who have the figure, and to whom the figurine is special.


You willing to drop a couple hundred dollars on a dragon for just the stones? You’re right, it will benefit high level players because they have the resources that lower level players lack. You know a good way for low levels to get resources? Dragon lines, specifically the back end. And if you’re talking about offering stones after a season ends, you need to look up the definition of ‘limited time only’.


And? I’m F2P too…


There are literally


drawbacks to the game balance, player happiness, and -gasp- finance for PG. Just because you can’t comprehend them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

No. You’re ignorant and foolish. Also, seriously, if they were to sell this, it would be a duck ton of money. AGAIN, Carsis, a GREEN TIER DRAGON, currently, currently costs $300. What do you think a Harbinger, Vanguard, or Empyrean would cost? Hmmm?


If you think about it until you reach the 400s it’s already pointless because you know you’ll never make the end and all you high levels dont understand me when I say YOU CAN ONLY BUY A FEW LIMITED NUMBER. It wouldnt b like the sigil chest and all that. You could only buy a 1 pack a year or whatever

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PG has stated multiple times they will not bring back past divine dragons. If you can’t complete a dragon due to your level, then you have two choices.

  1. Learn to live with it.
  2. Pay to get it to the level you want while it is still available.

Having a plan for your season can be very helpful. Pursuing multiple dragons can lead you to not achieving as much progress as you would like.