Why destroy a game to put a game within a game dosent make sence

Why would you try destroy one game to make another why wouldn’t you just make another game or at least fix the first game instead of this atlas crap this is t the game I brought and if the first game is going to take a back seat are you going to Refund the money I have spent on the game I thought we were ment to be playing think I’ll be having discussions with Apple support why destroy a game people had fun playing

Game is free to download - you didnt buy it

Spending in game is optional - you chose to do it.

The main portion of the game is still what it was, and things are added to it (its expanded or upgraded or patched or whatever) - eg new dragons towers and Atlas.

Not liking a change isn’t a reason for a refund of previously spent money unless it physically changes that portion you spent on. Eg you buy a dragon that literally costs rubies like Durga and it changes. Or if you buy a pack that is advertised as contains 27000 rubies but you get 27 000 base boosts.

If the pack gives what was advertised, and you use said rubies to get say seasonal branch items, and later decide you dont like that item - tough.

Learn to adult.

Leaving is optional - feel free to do so.


Bu… but… im technically only 17 so not an adult yet. HA! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But i still have to wait it out like everyone else when i hate certain parts of the game. You can’t like everything…


I’m trying to be positive - so I’m liking everything. A like for you and a like for you and a like for you…

(Truthfully though, here is a like for you…)


Where’s my like? Make it 2 pls on each post… :wink:

Edit: where’s your respected tag? mechengg got one…


Better? :innocent:


Yes :relaxed:

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