Why did I get banned for cheating?

I can’t believe it, I cheat and hack like a mad man and I get banned, this is bogus. I want the $2.99 back that I spent to get elite status. I demand justice!



What part are you asking about? The justice and refund? Of course I’m not serious about that.

LoL !! this guy !! =))):rofl::joy::rofl:

:joy::joy::joy: this will get closed quickly, but thanks for the laugh


They didn’t roll you back? I guess you didn’t spend enough in the past!

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:joy: I actually spat my coffee

I think you was naughty player
That’s why
Try to admit cheating and give a pinky promise that you will behave in future :joy_cat:

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That’s fantastic

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Haha, how far can you roll back a level 30?

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Then you really didn’t cheat much there Poncho…


You want that OJ justice

pshhh, I had purple dragons dropping Harvinator, that was a beastly level 30.

Errr, if this is true it’s no wonder you were banned :roll_eyes:

Yep I needed a good post like this today :rofl::joy:

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