Why didn't limited time branches have keys as advertised?

Just a quick question.

As we all know the cost to complete lines increases most seasons due to the addition of new tiers.

Last season was great because we had 3 half price lines.

This season we only had 2 half price lines in addition the costs went up.

One thing that sounded cool was the concept of adding seasonal keys to the limited time branches to help negate the sigil cost creep.

I am curious as to why this never happened as advertised?


The Exotic rune branches actually already had the keys so they increased the cost when they went to glyphs and removed the key on top of that 67% cost increase which is even worse


Thats true - completely forgot about that!

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As you see, it says in some limited time branches, that’s means not in all of them… Unfortunately :man_shrugging:


But some would still be more than 0 which is the number we got this season

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It should mean more than zero of them though right?

Last few seasons the limited time exotic rune branch had one. ( lightning, Ice etc )

This season the Exotic rune branch had nothing.

The other rune branch had nothing as well.

The rotating mystery branch was replaced with the trader and nothing there. ( I assumed mystery line branch might of been a revamped potential candidate )

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I think they simply forgot.


Ya never know. Might be a key offered from trading post.

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:point_up_2:FisheyEQ may have a point there :man_shrugging:

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off topic
i see this come up in every post about the limited time branches and it’s a bad comparison the limited time exotic runes always gets compared to the exotic glyphs and people complain about the price hike. do i like it no but the glyphs have always been worth more then runes even before exotic was ever a thing so there was no price hike you’re comparing apples and oranges when you guys do that.

on topic
if it says some will have a key i would certainly hope that at least one does that said we never know if trading post will have one and i expect a last minute limited branch that makes everyone panic next week so there is still time


Not really. It’s not like there is a difference between a Mythic Hunter Atk rune and a Mythic Hunter Atk glyph other than the name. Boosts are the same, it’s just that PG has made it seem like the glyph is better since they’re harder to come by. It’s the same old move where someone tells you something is special so they can charge more for it
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Saying there is no price hike in exotic lines is rather foolish because there was. Doesnt matter if it’s a rune or a glyph, the cost of the temporary exotic line went up again. It went up 1k when they added the key and then it went up another 4k when they replaced the rune with a glyph and removed the key

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Accurate af. I love this meme because of how ridiculous that explanation was. They really did not give any ducks about that season at all

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yes these are two different things church and state is my point yes the exotic rune went up when they added a key to it fine it was justified by having the key added since then it’s been the same price for every since exotic rune period.

the exotic glyph lines since they have began have always been 10k they have never had a key that i can recall period.

these are two completely different sets of things that should not be compared to each other they are different items this is my point.

as to weather of not the effects are the same i’m not gonna argue yes this is marketing when something is harder to come by it’s more expensive that’s how supply and demand works in all things if we could get glyphs 50% of the time from any other source i’d be upset about paying extra for them too but that’s not the case.

your playing a video game ran by a company it’s all fake value if you don’t like it go play something else you’ll find the same thing happens in every game and in every facet of your life as well some toilet paper is more expensive then other but it all wipes your ass the same way. don’t like it don’t pay the premium no skin off my back but stop comparing toilet paper to a sports car it make no sense

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There have been 2 so far and the first one didnt even have rune dust. They’re both exotic lines so you most certainly can compare the two if the rune and glyph are doing the exact same thing with the exact same boosts.

The rest of your comment is just outright ridiculous that the only response it deserves is an eye roll and facepalm
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