Why disable pvp 2 days before end of season?

Never mind then

It’s not just the atlas update though. It’s (probably) also the resurrection line in main game, not to mention any bug fixes.

It’s not quite a surprise though, is it? Almost 2 days ago war declarations were blocked (and announced) due to impending update. This means maintenance bubbles in atlas too.

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It would’ve been nice to receive the message about maintenance bubbles before they went up though

And according to the mail there’s still fifteen minutes before they’re scheduled to go up lol

Yes, the timing could have been a lot better.

This is standard downtime to support a game update. We’re watching closely and will bring Atlas up the exact minute that it’s safe to do so.


Is the update being released today? Tuesday as been the update day for awhile.
Can the release notes be published?

I would like to suggest that you change the Atlas season end day to early on the Tuesday moving forward so that players see that date and plan around it and then you can run your update as per the standard schedule without affecting anyone’s understanding of how much time they have to complete the season.


I can’t seem to find version 5.30 release notes, could you please share it with us?

Perhaps it’s obvious you’d not be able to pvp in atlas for the more seasoned players, but it was not that obvious to me neither to a few others that complained as well in league chat. I sure will now know for next time, but timing is still far from ideal. How long the atlas season runs should be directly related to your ability to earn Glory (the more Glory, the more you can claim) and in practice, we don’t have 2 but 1 day left of the Atlas event. I made the mistake of planning how many chests per day I’d need to get towards my goal, and my plan is now derailed due to something that’s a surprise - to me.

In future instances, it’d be great to have better timing and advanced notification on planned maintenances in atlas and not an email just before pvp bubble going up.

Hopefully the update is done in considerably less than 24h, and we can all go back for some Glory :slight_smile:

PS: the timing on the email was wrong. As per the email, the pvp bubbles went up 1h before planned. Minor - but adding up to the frustration.

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I was working on the last prize of the mythic gear branch. Finished an attack that should have given me enough chests to finish it but it didn’t count. I thought it was the lag at first but then I realized that the person I attacked was still there so I tried attacking again and got the PvP disabled message. That was pretty dang frustrating to say the least.

I realized that updates come out on Tuesdays, but is it every other Tuesday, the 2nd Tuesday of the month? Is there any pattern to it? I’ve honestly never paid that much attention to how often updates come out but I do know that it is not every Tuesday so to say that this is standard downtime when there was no notice and no release notes posted is a bit of a stretch.


@PGNines while you’re around, this is Off topic but atlas and update related: any idea what is happening with new prime levels? Last we heard was after the land shuffle sometime in December which we’re half way through and PG goes on vacation for the rest of the month this week.

Will we see any new prime levels or prime types this coming atlas season? I’d really like to participate a bit in the current prime/rider event but I’ve literally got 20 levels left on the last rider I can claim and need to know if I still need to stretch that out for another event since there is nothing else to level beside the next season’s rider

Don’t updates usually get released on Tuesday’s not Monday’s? Has it been sent to Apple & Google already?

I just checked and it is available for iOS. So this is definitely not standard downtime. Updates have always been released on Tuesdays and now they change it to Monday and don’t put up any release notes and give no warning about PvP downtime.

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What is an eta for pvp? If we go off the timer and you change it that can be frustrating. Any insight to what your thinking after the bug in the ios update? Haven’t seen a Android update yet either…


Agreed on atlas extension. Extremely irritating for pvp disable right at end of season


And as suspected, pvp bubbles extended for another 24h since the update was not rolled out properly. Mega downer.

Can we please get a confirmation whenever there will be a season extension, so that those like me who are close to finish their mythic branches are able to do so? I think it goes without saying its the right thing to do from a player experience point of view, in particular the new players like me who are still learning that “disabling war means imminent atlas maintenance”.



Just to throw another log on the fire, the in game mail said that maintenance shields would go up at 11:30PT… they ended up going up 90 minutes early.

Every season this comes up and every season we have new and inexperienced players that get caught by the update for the new season and being unable to finish because of maintenance shields. Now many people say that players should pay attention and not leave things to the last minute… I would argue why have a closing date that is misleading to players, in particular new players to Atlas who presumably PG would want to have a favorable experience.

Close the season on the Monday and like the main game season have a two day grace period for collecting your prizes and using your chests. Consistency between platforms is intuitive and there would be zero fall out from the players.




Emergency diamond supply?

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