Why disable pvp 2 days before end of season?

Stop focusing on what you did or didn’t do and start focusing on how things are working and are they working the way they should.

Issue: PG advertises the last day of the season as xx. PG runs maintenance on the final days which effectively eliminates the opportunity to get glory the last couple of days of the season.

Consideration: Is this an effective and successful way to run a season?

Solution for future seasons: Have the final advertised day of the season moved to before when maintenance is likely to be scheduled (Monday) and allow for prizes to be collected over the two days between Atlas seasons which would mimic main game seasons thereby adding continuity and eliminate timing issues.

Options for this season…

  • Add one day to the current season
  • Tough titties

And all the new platinum atlas teams just learned that the hard way, it’s a shame that so much seems to have to be learned the hard way with PG.


I think we need to all open tickets. I needed alittle more glory for my last mythic gear as well, and was traveling last weekend, figured I’d do it monday, but nope, PVP bubbles and pvp shut down since sunday… so I am sitting short a few thousand glory and not enough diamonds to make it work… But I bet PG is hoping I’ll buy diamonds to make it up, but I won’t.
PG needs to extend the season, not shut it down premature for maintenance. They should do the maintenance AFTER the season ends, and plan a few days after each season for any maintenance. stopping everyone 3 days short is stupid. short-sighted, bad planning and again frustrating to the user base.
Another reason I will spend alot less if any with them.
My game fun has gone down to almost 0 recently, if it wasn’t for a great team and friends, I would walk away now.
another example of a company that says screw you users.


Blaming players for not finishing on time and having the indecency of assuming they were procrastinating is indeed a sad state of affairs. So sad that this is the only comment I’ll make about it.

Again - and from a player experience point of view - the right thing to do is to extend the season at least 2 days, so that everyone can make up for the lost time. 2 days for an update is sad. I say this as a software engineer who know very well the amount of technical debt and lack of proper testing it takes, to get to the current situation. I can live with the fact PG is not willing to invest in WD what to make it a more enjoyable experience. What I cannot live with, is the lack of consideration for players who are directly impacted, if indeed the season is to end in a few hours.

Hope PG comes to their senses - extending the atlas season is the only right thing to do.


Looks like it was extended by about a day.

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Looks that way.

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Yes, we extended the season by 24 hours. In-game announcement is going out now. PGDragonPunch has the official announcement and might also post it here, but I’ll paste it just to make sure folks on this thread see it.

Due to an unexpectedly long delay with the release of our new version and the subsequent delay of PvP coming back on, we’ll be extending the Atlas Souldance Season End date by 24 hours. This should be reflected in the Atlas Souldance Season End timer.
We want to also note that we will be launching the new Atlas Eclipse Season on Friday 12/18/2020 at 10:30am PT. Please be sure to collect your season rewards once the season ends since the season will be launching in the morning instead of the afternoon, which will leave the reward collection duration to be ~20 hours instead of 24 hours.

Yes, this means that a few players looking to collect season prizes then swap teams may have to wait another week before swapping teams if they want to score points in the event that starts today. That’s a small number of players and this change impacts a large number of players hoping to finish off their season goals, so we feel it’s the correct change to make.

As far as addressing this in the future: well this is not new. We have downtime every release and as far as I can tell sometimes this has coincides with the end of a season. This is an unfortunate reality that happens because we must do some release best practices to protect players from un-defendable attacks made from different versions of the software. What we can improve is the clarity of the messaging around this as a routine matter a few weeks ahead of each season’s end.


And bubbles are back up and PvP disabled again. I managed to finish the line in the short time that PvP was enabled, but I’m sure there are many who have not.

Perhaps, but this was not “standard” by any means. It has been stated over and over the releases are usually done on Tuesday, not Monday and the in-game email was sent AFTER the fact, and the release notes were not available until hours later. I don’t think most people even knew an update was coming.

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Did you see the suggestions to move the season end earlier (say Monday) so it’s less likely to be affected by an app update? Or just try to make releases not coincide with these weeks? It is indeed not the first time this has happened, but maybe PG can take on some of the burden of preventing this sort of issue by tweaking the season or the release calendar.

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They are working on the version blocking right now and that should be done very soon. Pvp will be re-enabled ASAP when that work is complete.

With all due respect - that’s a bug, not a feature, nor a “best practice”*. A bug PG does not get around fixing, which results on these 2day plus updates. Buy like I said before, I’m all fine getting along with the fact PG does not want to invest fixing these issues, and appreciate the extra day for us to meet our goals.

*Imagine amazon.com going down for maintenance, or twitter not allowing you to tweet due to maintenance, or Facebook not allowing you to see who tagged you on a photo due to maintenance… I think you get my point.

Yes and we’ll look at those options. We don’t always control our release windows so there are constraints other than us wanting to shoulder the burden of co-ordinating all these elements. Not making excuses because for sure we can do better about advance notice.


And just to end on a positive note: do mean the thank you, for those of us wanting to finish their branches. Good to know PG is willing to listen to the community.

What about new prime levels?

@PGNines The ability to open badge chests and spend badges has usually ended the second the atlas season ends.

Does this sentence mean there’s now a grace period where players can open chests and spend badges until the new season starts? That would be a very welcome change!

On the other hand, if there’s not a redemption period, this message might mislead some people resulting in more tears.


I’d love it if that were the case but no, it does not change anything. All this is meant to say is “the normal 24-hour gap between seasons is now 20-hours so plan accordingly”

I’ll look into that grace period idea for a future change though.


Wait, so why did you call this period “reward collection” if you can’t collect rewards during this period?

The wording is misleading. Just say all Atlas prizes must be collected by the end of the season which has been moved to …

Maybe instead of being dismissive toward your customers plan updates at the end of the season better. Or cut the timer short so people don’t count on the time. Y’all are an experienced company with an established seasonal cadence. Sit down and plan out releases so they don’t affect seasons. Something like releasing this next week lol.


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