Why disable pvp 2 days before end of season?

Just to throw another log on the fire, the in game mail said that maintenance shields would go up at 11:30PT… they ended up going up 90 minutes early.

Every season this comes up and every season we have new and inexperienced players that get caught by the update for the new season and being unable to finish because of maintenance shields. Now many people say that players should pay attention and not leave things to the last minute… I would argue why have a closing date that is misleading to players, in particular new players to Atlas who presumably PG would want to have a favorable experience.

Close the season on the Monday and like the main game season have a two day grace period for collecting your prizes and using your chests. Consistency between platforms is intuitive and there would be zero fall out from the players.




Emergency diamond supply?

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Non existent I suppose

All out. Used them all trying to finish the last 2 lines of the mythic gear training and reviving troops. Otherwise I would for sure.

Just gonna have to hope PvP is actually enabled when they say and I’m on to finish it.

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Updates and maintenance are a normal part of gaming, but timely announcements are important so players can adjust accordingly. You have now effectively taken off 2 full days right at the end of the Atlas season, and many of those that could have completed the season, (with 24 hour of maintenance) won’t be able to do so after the extended maintenance.

Is PG likely to extend the season to compensate for lost time?



Gotta make that money man that money :money_mouth_face: spendthem diamonds

I agree with the request to have the atlas season extended to accommodate allotted time for prime training event. It has been done in the past and is needed by many now.

Is there any reasons why this couldn’t be done?


@PGNines will the atlas season be extended?

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EXTENDED THE SEASON BY 2 days!!! I was counting on these 2 days!!! In fact , you ended the season 2 days early without warning!!! I have a little left to pick up the last mythical gear :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


The only fair and SENSIBLE thing to do, is for PG to extend the current atlas season by the amount of time it took for the botched rollout, i.e., 1 day.

It’s a simple fix to this situation. And fair.

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The word ‘fair’ is not on their dictionary :blush:

You’ve had 3 months to finish your season. If you procrastinated that long irl you should fail too.

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You mean the thing with the food and market stalls and everything, held on a fairground?

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And here we go. I knew there would be someone that would say it is the player’s fault for not completing what they wanted to in the season early. :roll_eyes:

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the game is so botched the players start blaming other players due to PG’s incompetence.


Where mah Turkey leg at!?

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Oh if we’re saying pg is incompetent. I will totally agree. I’m surprised they can put there socks on in the morning. However, with that being said. Why would you not take every Precaution, you can take. The season “ends early” almost every season. I would highly recommend that anyone who wants to finish the season do so early.

Edit: I forgot about the failed reshuffle. Where we lost a full week of pvp. The season should be extended, at the very least to make up for that pile of :poop:


It really kinda is your fault though? If you’re that close to finishing it why would you wait until after a troop training event to grind for it? Any last minute grinding for atlas prizes should have been done over the weekend when you were getting rewarded for healing. If you didn’t max that event there was no reason to wait until after it was done to grind :woman_shrugging:t3:

You have no idea where I was when I started grinding for the mythic gear. You are making a ton of assumptions here.

For your information, I still had one more line to finish before even unlocking the mythic branch when troop training started. I completely maxed out troop training and beyond (1.36M points if you must know :roll_eyes:). I worked my tail off for days to try to go ahead and finish it because in the beginning I didn’t really plan to get it.

Well look at that we’re in the same boat then, I got my defense gear earlier in the season and didn’t plan on getting offensive as well. This weekend came around and I had naturally gotten to the start of the mythic line so decided to push to finish it over the weekend.

Only difference is I made sure to finish mine over the weekend