Why Dissipate spell sucks

Just as a fyi for spell designers in case some unfortunate future dragon gets this or its derivative.

The spell has a minor and a major flaw

Minor flaw: making the dragon stand still above towers gives defenders time to catch up - they can hammer, shield and sword and cue more hammers, even load strategic supershots. Thus when you uncloak you get annihilated.

Major flaw: the explosion on emergence removes disabling effects like sand and vines and lockdown. This essentially makes the spell rubbish.

If someone wants to put this spell on a dragon in the near future, make the emergence explosion the same spell algor’s roar so that it debuffs and doesn’t unsand.

Consider making the dragon have 1 sec immunity on emergence.

Just some thoughts @PGPulse


I would’ve gone with the 2 rage cost. It’s not effective enough to warrant a 2 rage cost.

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Even as 1 rage its junk, can’t go around unsanding everything :joy:

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Oh my goodness not Xenot again! I thought we passed that already!

Praying… god help me.


Great post!

The way Dissipate works it belongs on the Wall of Shame together with Battle Cry and Ballista Resist.


You may have forgotten the almighty evasion, and self destruct spells. Those were beauties!


Talking to the walls again.

Sigh. Fml


I like the idea of having X seond immunity on emergence so that it is more useful for being 2 rage cost spell.

As the vine/sand meta goes, I do agree that this spell isn’t the most optimal mix with Noctua type of dragon. However I must say that hopefully in the future where the towers are more balanced - many different types of strategies are viable, not only vine/lockdown.

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This dragon will be obsolete in the future. So how can you justify us spending on it now? @PGPulse

@PGPulse yes that would be a nice and fun future. However, dragons are time sensitive. Not only divines. Breedable lineages too. They have their certain timeframe for those who are at the end game in terms of dragons currently, and the less time they have to shine, we get less value out of it. Tower balance, I crave for it. But we are getting the divines now, and the mythic divine. Please consider for how much effort we put into getting them… appreciate it.

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I think we only see the game from our biased end game content view. Imagine a new player who decides to spend he can have at least 2 years fun with that dragon.

There will be always players in the lower level range who can fight against each other.

This dragon is clearly one for them. It’s exciting bc most dragons below sapphire will be boring to them anyways.

I see it on my alt who got Nightshade. Served him for a very long time and it did its job very well.

I argree… However, lower level players have a slim chance of getting the mythic. Therefore that really shouldn’t be the issue here. If a dragon takes that much time and money to obtain, it had better be worth it. This dragon isn’t worth it.

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Looking from my main account perspective I couldn’t agree more Had.

And there are some cra cra ppl out there. Someone started the game two weeks ago and is already in garnet. :man_shrugging:t2:

Those low level spenders exist :man_shrugging:t2:

The primary target for the mythic isn’t going to be new players.

I was going to drop whatever it took to get that dragon, but the spell set is not even subpar, it’s actually just plain bad. I know I’m not the only one who was going to buy the mythic and is now going to ignore it because of this poor spell set. It doesn’t matter that it might be useful in some future situation, because by then it’ll have expired and no one will have bought it because in the current situation it is not a competitive dragon.

My suggestion:
Tidal -> White
Riptide -> uncloaking debuffs towers instead of doing damage; does not remove sand effect


They corrected it to say 1 rage

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I am a lvl 110 and I was thinking for going for the mythic…before I saw these spells. What is that going to be useful for, killing shitty bases? I already have Kinnarius for that :woman_shrugging:t3:

Lol isn’t that the trend of late? Crappy season mythics? Merkt, is just awful. Seriously the worst divine ever created. Moon is underpowered, and now this noodle. Less and less incentive to spend.

The worst egg mission of all time, cast Battle cry ten times.

I’ll take that over Self Destruct; I benched Ettin quickly. :rofl:


AH, that sounds what I meant actually! Self destruct ten times. Horrid.