Why do atlas season rewards vanish instantly?


I think it’s preposterous that there is zero time to claim atlas rewards at the end of the season. Every atlas event, every regular event and every regular event allows time to spend after the gathering of sigils/points ends, so you know how much you have to spend and choose accordingly. But for the atlas season, all your badges are destroyed instantly as soon as the counter reaches zero, despite this being communicated exactly nowhere.

I’ve raised a ticked about this but so far support think it’s perfectly normal to expect players to have psychic abilities, and just guess that Atlas is the sole exception to all other events in the game and all rewards will be instantly forfeit the second the event ends.

I think it’s unacceptable that the helpdesk just shrugs this off and lets hundreds of dollars worth of shards just evaporate because of a unique rule they invented but never told about. So far the whole “player happiness initiative” seems to be another bit of hot air with no intention to actually act like it.

@Arelyna @PGCrisis could you please have a look at this, and see that the reward lines get reopened for at least a day, or if that’s impossible at least send people the rewards they could have claimed?

(ticket 1503110 for reference)


It is odd that there was no time to collect prizes after the season ended. There should have been a 24-48 hour window to claim since some players were gaining gp right up until the very end.


Agreed! There should have definitely been an interval for those that can not be online at that certain time the event ends. This is the case on every other event based activity as Morrion pointed out.


Wasn’t the event going beyond the end of the season? (which is strange in and of itself)

We normally get our team prize (at least) through the store so we probably will for the primach training event.

Hopefully at least…


The atlas event has nothing to do with atlas season. So there’s no problem in the event running even after season ends.


I agree with this completely, lost out on 180 chest in the last minute pushes for glory, which would of gotten me another set of elite offensive gloves.


That’s weird if you ask me, but OK. What’s even more strange is why can we still buy badge chests but can’t use the badges if we do?

Not really asking you, just piling on to the weirdness and opportunity for Folks to screw themselves over.


Oh crap. I got caught by this too. I thought I would have more time and I had enough to get at least the first page of prizes on another line… Ouch. :disappointed:


Especially since there is a lull between seasons…no reason to remove it right away


Yes in my case I had like 4.5k badges :cry:. Totally :point_down:


I had a bit over 22k, kinda hurts to have that just vanish. I hope they can re-open the rewards page for a day or something…


Same here. Was saving until the end. Got on this evening and poof, gone. Yet, you can still buy duskfall badges.:man_facepalming: We should definitely get at least a 24hr post season period to spend badges. Especially since new atlas seasons take so long to get started anyway. What would be the harm in leaving that season window open until the new season starts or at least an extra 24 hrs??


Freaking sucks, but I’ve learnt never to go to the end of any Atlas event so I ended my glory hunt the day before when I finished my last line.

They really need to get their act together.


especially considering they did same last season !
I’ve been extra careful myself as well


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Evidently not. Several thousand people didn’t even have atlas last season. And even those who did would hardly have noticed unless they were grinding points the last day.

Introspection not your strong point I take it?


Totally agree, a window period should be given. I still had 37k+ badges to use #1503152


I put In a ticket about closing way to fast and all the chest lost at least 100 dollars worth and got “we appreciate your concern” I didn’t word it as a FYI and I also wonder why you can still collect quest prizes which one of them was a chest luckily I didn’t collect it or would have lost it as well seems to me it’s not very customer satisfaction friendly, why didn’t we get 24 hours I’ve talk to a large amount of players with same complaints why close event when your not ready with the next leaving players bored out of their minds with feed (worst event ever ) and on winter break I wonder who in charge and why sometimes :woman_facepalming:t3:


Those chests u get by quests are regular atlas chests. They carry over to next season. So u can collect them :+1:t4:

Still I feel no hard feelings for everyone who didn‘t spend his atlas badges :man_shrugging:t5: there were threads in forums announcing that they disappear after countdown has finished :man_shrugging:t5: No time to gather informations, but time to complain…


Links? I have over 500 hours of read time on this forum, so I’m hardly taking no effort to be informed, and yet I’ve not seen a whisper about this. Not to mention it’s ridiculous to demand people to search a forum for hundreds of hours to find out in what way PG have decided to fuck you over today.