Why do atlas season rewards vanish instantly?


I think I’m fairly up to date on the forums and I didn’t see where it said anything about that. Its also a very small percentage of players that even use the forums. A mass email would have been more effective in conveying this news. It’s not even an issue for me personally since I collected them all ages ago but it does seem counterintuitive to not allow a grace period to collect prizes. A lot of people were glory hunting right up to the last minute.

I’m not really sure what your issue is but you are just wrong.


there is nothing bad to claim all the prize in atlas season as soon as the requirement meet, especially leveling prim, so I claimed everything before all gone


Actually there is, gold from prizes just disappears when you overflow, so you need something to spend them on. Not terribly hard, but normally it makes sense to keep them unclaimed until you need the gold.


It was a primarch training event, use your gold and diamond to level the prim or just burn it all on bullhorn or send to the bank


Yes yes, you saw the “not terribly hard” line right?
Point in fact, I was going to spend it on a primarch upgrade in the event, which is why I held on to it. But I got home from work a little later than expected and find out the season rewards had vanished already.


Oh, ouchies, that epically sucks :persevere:


I agree that there should be sometime after season for claiming like normal game event sigil prize but all I say is I claimed it all since it was leveling event or bullhorn if troop event


Well good for you.


We couldnt claim the atlas event prize after the event has been over, could we? I tried one before but didnt find the prize page


Point is that you have 24 hours after the end of the last event in the main game to claim final prizes in a given season. The same should happen with Atlas, especially if there is a delay between seasons. Turn off the ability to earn more altas badge chests, but at least let people redeem badges for prizes.


That point was not valid to me since I have already claim all I could. Not that I reject the idea, I just give another point which is nothing bad to claim the prize at the final day of leveling event so I did


I had already claimed all I could as well, but they should still allow additional time to claim prizes since people could be working on getting final badges up until the last possible moment.


Not applicable to you maybe, but still a valid request. This screwed up a lot of people I know. Don’t see the point in taking it down immediately when we have such a big downtime between seasons.


Even if someone was super diligent about opening chests and redeeming lines, they still might have missed out. If they were sleeping during the end of the season and got hit by one of the many glory hunters toward the end, then when they woke up they’d have new chests but nothing to spend the badges on. That’s garbage, and I’m sure it happened to some people.


I am truly sorry that a message had not been sent out to remind people about the end of the season.

To my knowledge, we will not be reopening the season. We are looking at improving the season end process for the next Atlas season.


For the record, I DID claim all my prizes - but I am not so self righteous or narcissistic as to come here and say that I did it, so everyone else should have too…

I don’t get you clowns coming in saying “I claimed everything in time - you should have too. Your fault for missing out.” Good for you - but where’s your empathy as a human? Why on earth do you feel the need to come kick people while they’re already down, as it were?

By the way, these are rhetorical questions, so please don’t answer. If this is you, I don’t respect you, and I don’t care what you have to say about it. You’ll continue to try to spin it so you look so smart or whatever. Just shut up.

Every other prize claiming instance in the game allows additional time, and this should be no different.
Everyone who lost out on claiming prizes due to this got screwed, plain and simple. If you aren’t among them, good for you - but in the future, try to be a decent human and argue for what is RIGHT not just what serves your agenda.


Aww thanks what a detail from you. We literally was not expecting something else than a sorry and we don’t care. Oh right is our money :dollar: dumb I.


you just look at thing in negative aspect. Look at the different angle and you see the point is claiming the prize soon in leveling event will save you from this post. Yes I want to said “you should have too” because it is also a good idea but I didnt say it. I just say I did and you can learn something if you are not alway drought in sorrow and negativity


Exactly. It adds nothing to the discussion to come in and say “this didn’t affect me, so I don’t see a problem.” I also wasn’t personally affected by this issue, but there is no question that it is a problem. People reasonably assumed that these prizes would be handled in the same way as the seasonal prizes in the main part of the game.

It also doesn’t help to come in and say “you could have avoided this problem that no one anticipated by doing what I did.” We don’t have time machines. People lost out on something they earned. PG can give it back to them. But they are choosing not to.


with this kind of attitude, yes to you
you see a person do something better than you and you think “Im such a loser, I didnt do it” instead of “I could do it like him next time and I will get the good thing or better”
I didnt say you should have do this or that, I said I did that all