Why do atlas season rewards vanish instantly?


@PGJared What can be done about this. Is there going to be compensation for this? If not, why not? I have seen seasons reopened before why not the atlas season? Can we be given the same amount of the next season?


I’m just commenting here that I’m rooting for you guys. I hope you get an extra bit of Borrowed Time from PG.

@Arelyna @PGJared we just passed Christmas a few days ago, can’t you please reopen the season so they can claim their rightful chests and seasonal rewards? It will go a long way to show you care about your playerbase happiness.

A simple act of kindness creates an endless ripple that comes back to you.

Hau Hau Hau! :axi:


:joy: If the atlas season borrowed time lasted as long as Itzanis we won’t have this thread. That dragon just won’t die.


Yea, and even worse, its backwards. They closed the prize lines but left open the ability to keep buying chests. :man_facepalming: To all the people saying we are whining and shouldve known, etc. , The point is every other instance of prize claiming in the game is done opposite to this. There was absolutely no reason for this. Its been several days and theres still no new atlas season so why couldnt the prize line have remained open and just take away the badge chest so no new badges can be earned. We arent asking for any freebies here. Just a chance to claim what we’ve already earned.


Closing the prize lines but leaving the chests open to buy is a little bass ackwards! :unamused::unamused::unamused:


Gorlac got shown up. Lol


As I expected. Silence…always silence from these people, or we are looking into it, or it’s not on the road map.


I agree! I too opened a ticket and kept trying to get them to understand. THEY set the precedent.

Why do you get some extra time at the end of the regular season to spend sigils, yet not the Altas season?

Why, if “over is over” was I allowed to spend diamonds to get badges that were unusable? Why where the badge chests not removed?

Why will they not refund the diamonds spent on badge chests AFTER the event ended, if in fact they were available in error?

I am surprised by the responses I got on my ticket, for a game trying to make players happier.


Honestly…I’m not…they are not trying to make us happy they are trying to shut us up. It’s like your kid asking for a bowl of ice cream and you giving him a sucker to appease him.


it is likely not going to reopen


That was their answer. It doesn’t mean we should be content with it. I think many tend to forget that we are the customer in this relationship. This is probably because we often are treated like a dog that just pissed on the carpet. They should be accommodating us not the other way around. I have personally seen them open up regular seasons again so that people could collect prizes. There is no reason they couldn’t do that with this. Instead they just ignore us. If they don’t answer eventually we will move on to the next fuck up they make. That is their business model and has been for years. I guess it has worked for them this long why should they change?


I just restate that in case you miss the post and think they keep sillent or looking on to it


i believe that’s what she said.


I see zero reason why they can’t or shouldn’t provide a post season claim period similar to main events.

Entirely speculation on my part, but I’m pretty sure this is just an extra detail that they haven’t had a chance to iron out yet. (Add code for)

From my observation it seems almost certain the start of a new atlas season and the end of an existing one currently require a lot of manual work. They need to force time to automate most of that. Of corse they probably would defer that until they feel like it was repeatable enough to justify automation.

It has been raised in earlybirds more than once and only my opinion, but I’d say it’s just always happening when they are extremely busy and it doesn’t make it into a high enough priority to become actionable in the few atlas seasons we have had so far.

I did observe that the announcement for the new season did happen prior to the start and that they used their standard channels (cf announced it). Which I have some gripes here but this to me indicates some changes for the better.

Even with as busy as they are they probably should have provided an in game messaging. Merely my opinion, but it probably would have gone a long way as a stop gap. No matter what they do, people will still be angry if they pushed things too close to the end or didn’t understand clearly. (Main game events people still lose sigils and it’s fairly smoothly handled comparatively)


There was a 5-10min period this morning just before event started) where you can see the old season prizes and (I haven’t tested it) likely claim them.

So, that capability is available. The fact it is not part of the game is simply a PG decision to yet again screw their players.

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