Why do Events start later than what were told

Talk about the latest weekly events and Seasons in War Dragons! i would like to know why its posted that the event’s start on Wednesday afternoon but we cant do attacks and earn event prizes till 20+hrs after it pops up it makes no sense if your gonna say that the event starts on Wednesday let it start and allow us to attack, breed, build. on the Wednesday and claim event prizes

Its always been that way. PvP events have a Treasure Hunt phase that lasts from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon, where you can get chests, complete quests, etc. but can’t make PvP attacks.

This has been the norm for the entire time I have been playing.


If you don’t want to collect treasure, just think of it as PG giving you a well earned day off.

has nothing to do with not wanting to collect treasure its more on the quest portion of it need to get event flames to complete quest would have been great if i could have done it last night but now im at work this evening and will miss out which blows


You don’t need event flames. You need flames. Which you get from any run. War, Invader, normal attacks, etc.



It doesnt have to be flames in the event…it doesnt say that anywhere…it just says get 25 flames.

it specifically says event flames already sent in a ticket they said cause technically the event has started they wont do anything

Send a screen shot if you dont mind please. If it is indeed event flames send arelyna and crisis your ticket nunber so they can look into it.

I had the “earn 25 flames quest” did a ton of invader runs last night which more than earned that amount. Have you tried relaunching your game and going into the quest window again? Sometimes it can be a bit finicky about registering that the quest is completed if you haven’t relaunched the game.


Everything about this statement is true in my experience. Restart. Do your run while in portrait mode instead of normal, slightly furrow your brow, and make sure your legs are crossed and it will finish.

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But seriously though, a lot of problems with the game can be solved my relaunching it. If that fails to fix it a clearing of the cache (if you are on android) or a reinstall (if you are on iOS) usually fixes most of the other issues. If that doesn’t work then contact support post haste!

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It’s rather not restart that is needed, but by some strange logic you should open the tab with quests first, and only after that they will count (it was that way for me with egg mission quests and with flames, if I’m not mistaken) - quite confusing. Although, some quests were done without opening this tab.

Still, if quests are not progressing - just do mentioned actions after you saw the quests you have. Though, they might count only after game restart.

P.S.: even with all that, still better than quests before.

This annoys me too honestly (not really quests but just event progress), especially because I feel some events tell you when they actually start and others do not. I’ll be working more with the Events folks soon so maybe I’ll chat with them about making it a bit more clear per event.


Good luck with your “team”. (m。_ _)/

our hero :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Bless you and your youthful optimism to make things better for the player community.

I sincerely hope you can hold to that as the corporate fat cats at PG crush your dreams and ours.

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I dont see it as being confusing personally. Every pvp starts with 1 day of a treasure hunt phase while every minor starts on Wednesday. I believe it’s even stated so in the event mails sent out by the system.

Once the event island pops up on the treasure hunt days it gives a countdown to when the pvp portion actually starts.

Yeah that one’s fine since it’s there in the UI, but I definitely remember at least one event in the last couple weeks that had no indication when it was “open for business”. Overall it’s not a huge deal since everyone’s used to it but it still bugs me. I feel like it should always be clear on the main event screen what I should do and what I can’t do yet.