Why do I get so many dark shards when opening chests?

I opened a bunch of bronze and gold chests yesterday and today. But they dropped so many dark shards and only dark shards (I don’t need dark autually). Why is that?

Each weak rotates elements for bronze chest drops.
This week it is dark.

See here for the announcement made quite a ways back:


Strong response. I just don’t know if I can support their reasoning. All those bronze chests are just so heavy.

…sorry. Back to the pun mines.


Slightly disappointed. :frowning: It was dark for the last PVP as I recall. So we’ve had dark, earth, dark. Not much of a rotation imo. Last season, the PVP event during the discount period was ALSO dark. Since I open most of my chests during the discount PVP period, I have too many dark shards and not enough of anything else.
Lastly, the last few discount dragons have been earth Dreth, Haki, Cav…



Kinda forgetting Gunnar there… Also Dreth was pretty decent.

I didn’t know that you could have too many shards, especially Dark…

Looks woefully at Ronin’s average elite gear

My poor baby…


You must have had tens of thousands of bronze chests cause I opened 1400 of them and got maybe 10k dark shards. Not exactly game changing.

I’m not necessarily complaining about the the ELEMENT that the discount dragon is associated with. Also, Gunnar predates those three.

But it’s the little things that PG doesn’t think about that’s disappointing: I have 1000000 (slight exaggeration) dark shards when I don’t have a lot of dark element dragons that are useful (F2P Gold breaking into Platinum).

I don’t remember how many events were present last season, but I suspect that the order went something along the lines of Earth, Dark, X, Y, Z then when the new season started they simply started the rotation over.

Hyberbole isn’t allowed? :0 But I see it here all the time… :wink:

Imagine thinking a million shards is too many. :joy: I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for being a low level, but you’ll soon find that a million shards gets you pretty much nowhere.

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Hyperbole is only allowed by people with green in their avatars :smiley:

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:drooling_face: I would pay timers for this amount of shards… I have maybe 100k at this time, farming it every day since the last crafting event.

Edit: @forScience does the mod tag works? :pleading_face:

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I’ve got Portia available!

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No, no it doesn’t.

It was just before Haku I think, and after Cav


It might’ve been Cav then Gunnar, but the selection is a bit paltry in terms of variety for the last year.

But my point is mainly that my dark: other element ratio is lopsided and doesn’t have to be. I was thinking that with the dark element in the last last event I could get a new element when I have thousands of bronze chests to open. I opened a few during fort but imho Fort does not have the greatest selection for bronze chests.

Have you considered that others might not be in the same boat?

Sho’Groth is Dark and many people who didn’t/couldn’t go for Namaka are curious to try the new Invoker class. Gig is Dark and is one of the Mythics, so it doesn’t seem odd that this week has Dark shards. Last week was Earth shards, what’s Narlyth element again? Earth.

So it doesn’t seem too far-fetched that the discount weeks feature Earth and Dark shards in my opinion. It’s rather relevant actually, coincidence or not.


It’s dark shards for most or all pvps, you can look at chest drop history.

This would be especially lame given pvp is probably the best time to open bronze chests, but fortunately the drop rate + quantity are so low it hardly matters.

It’s also still dark shards for all no man’s land, despite a fix for that having been planned once upon a time.

Until pg deigns to change something here, either learn to like dark or go for seasonal lines with selectable shards?

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Its not the element thats the problem. Its that there are no cheap dragons or lineage dragons (for me this far) that makes use of the dark element. F2p (and being in a gold team) precludes careful consideration of selecting branches that maximize resources.

But I’m mostly just doing a bit of minor complaining. Surprised that it invoked such a strong response (must be a slow forum day) when I’ve pretty much just said its a bit disappointing that rotational is misleading. Granted there are bigger and better things to complain about but everyone else has that covered!

:roll_eyes: Somehow I’m feeling awkward with this statement…


:smirk: Just wait until you need to craft some gears for Fire / Dark dragons at higher tier.