Why do we have a forum?


i just want to ask why do we have a forum when almost every important information is released on instagram or on facebook with a livestream. so whats the reason for this forum? we can also discuss on facebook/instagram.


This is the official PG forum. Pages on facebook and instagram are not run by nor monitored by PG employees


and why we need to look to the non-official sites to get some information?


They post it here. Some members of creators faction post info once PG releases it to them but they are not employees. I don’t trust most FB pages. Not accurate. See this info page they just posted?


They have very specific timelines. Most people want to know NOW but PG hasnt released the info yet so its mostly just speculation. You can look wherever you like but nothing posted anywhere else is guaranteed to be accurate.


And that’s the problem. Information is (or isn’t) given to the CF and they post whatever they think with no disclaimer that it isn’t factual.


Not every player has facebook and instagram, myself included. Also, I appreciate the anonymity that the game interface provides. There are some players in the game I would definitely not want to know where I live. The forums allow me to still have a voice in the game, but also enable me to remain personally unidentifiable.


I fail to see why is this post even necessary. It is like saying there is already one newspaper in the market, why do we need another one, there is already Facebook, why we need instagram.

this post should be closed IMO @Psarus


I don’t have Facebook or Instagram :woman_shrugging: games have forums for them as a place people can go to specifically discuss the game. A lot of people wouldn’t want players in the game knowing their real names, etc from their profiles


I think others have explained why the forum is present. You are by no means required to post here and if you do not want to please let us know and we can remove your account.

Please feel free to visit Facebook and Instagram if that Is your preferred method.