Why do we have multiple slots in forge yet they never operate concurrently?

I mean, WHAT’S THE POINT :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

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So you don’t have log in to claim 1 by 1? Wtf do you mean?


she means all timers should run simultaneously

Was just telling her “what the point” was. Take it or leave it :man_shrugging:

if we can only claim only one item at a time, it seems pointless to have other slots just to queue as especially if you only forge 12 hrs timers

yeah this🤗

Maybe 12h speedups consume so much energy that the War Dragons universe would implode if they could be forged simultaneously… :exploding_head:

(But yes, that would be nice.)

:joy::joy::joy: I wish

Hey I’m all for it trust me, I’m just explaining the point of the slots (since you asked)…


yeah you have valid point, especially for 1hr, 3hr spells🤗

i never understood the purpose of forging those tbh! Either forge 12 hr, heal pots or some usable spells

Never forged anything except the precious :hammer: HAMMERS :hammer: from dont know how long :man_shrugging:t2:


If you want to login every 30hours on the dot to claim your timers then go for it! I much rather claim it whenever I am online :roll_eyes:

oh no​:joy::joy::joy: not the spam hammers :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

I guess im impatient :confounded: but with 12hr timers, you’ll do war runs, events, become prime minister and still have 20hrs left :sob::sob::sob:

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The point is that it’s a queue. Or in this case a buffer. Just because you only use it for timers doesn’t mean plenty of people don’t forge healing potions and hammers and more.

Even with timers it’s nice to queue up 5 days worth and come back at any time less than 5 days and keep it going without missing a beat. Without the queue if you had 1 in, came back 31 hours later you would have lost an hour. With the queue you do not.

What you probably really mean to say is that timer availability is insufficient to progress at a reasonable rate and maybe if you could craft them faster things would be better. And a lot of people would agree with you. That however doesn’t make the forge queue useless.


It is really handy for when you are forging healing potions. I sleep at night, so in the morning I always have two or three healing potions waiting for me in the morning. It is kinda nice.

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