Why do you translate dragon's names?

It is not the first time and i assume that won’t be the last, but, why? Oh why do you translate the names of the dragons?
Lockjaw now it’s called Trismus
Ladron changed to Gargantua
And so on…
We don’t gain anything with that, only confussion.
Please, don’t change it nevermore.


Simple solution: set the game to english.


That’s not a solution. Not every dragon is translated, so the easiest way is no translation at all.
As a rule, the proper nouns don’t need translation.


That’s extra funny because he’s tiny. :rofl:


Khrysos is translated as Sekoronos in Japanese version.
Sekoronos is mirioline.:disappointed:
I sent a ticket over 2 years ago, but it’s not fixed.

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And Bilge is Pantoque…

I quite don’t understand it myself. Why is there a need to change those names?

I understood Ano translated as Eno for spanish player, but even thought, it’s a name, not a word! Names don’t get translated!

Or does the English news refers to the Spain’s President as Peter Sanchez?!


Similar with Russian - Khrysos became Sekoronos (if you transliterate back), and what we have as Sekoronos in English, is Melioleine in Russian version. Caused a lot of confusion and tons of wtf-s years ago, when there were close to zero local resources on game, and people were using breeding paths from Amoeba.

Bilge was also somehow the only dragon, which name was translated from abyssals. All others were transliterated.

Even the new evolution is now represented in 3 different ways in game. In some parts it is in English - Verdant. Somewhere it is just green (corresponding word in Russian), but somewhere it is accidentally “grassy” - the nearest English word with same meaning, so I call them grassy now :joy:

UPD: adding Ember - was mentioned below. This one as well at some point becomes what is called Ash.


Same in Italy with Khrysos/Sekoronos, Sekoronos/Meliolein and Bilge called Sentina. Very confusing when looking at English breeding paths.
We also had Ember recently changed into “Braci” after years of being Ember :woman_facepalming:t3:

I don’t think our news mentions him at all…but I see the point :joy:

I can’t understand why PG haven’t fixed this mistranslation for years.

I hatched Khrysos, which was mistranslated as Sekoronos as the parent of Mune and Cerbero.
So I was four weeks late. :rage:

This happens in French too, Khrysos, Sekoronos, and several others are translated and sometimes mistranslated.

Just… Stop. Please, for the love of everything Hauly and Zen.

English names are generally cool, and as pointed out translations are funny at best, cringy or totally wrong at worst.

“Mangebaleine” = eat-whale instead of Whalegnawer is just ridiculous, especially since they eat sheep… I have so much cringe about this example even my shudders are getting prickling goosebumps…


Gargantua is actually a pretty cool sick name :grin:

Maybe @PGGalileo can help us with this nonsense :sweat_smile:

I normally run everything in English so didn’t know this happens :astonished: gotta log in to see how’s that now, too curious lol

@PGGalileo has abandoned us :sob:

Ummm, I don’t know why we change English names… that’s a good question. We have a company that specializes in “Localization” that we hire to do all of our translations. Since they’re the experts, I suppose we trust them to do what’s right!


But it isn’t right, the translate is awful. But the worst thing is that there are dragons with new names that are not even closer to their original name.
Please do not translate it anymore.

Those experts almost make me abandon this game from the start. When you are building tower, you see, how much time remains till completion. Let’s say, on the start you have 3 minutes. So, in English it is “3 min”. Somehow, when translating those to Russian, they got “3 мес.” (which means 3 months) instead of “3 мин.” (3 minutes). So, looking at that time, I thought that if from start you need to wait that long for simple tower, it’s not worth at all. I just closed the game, and when reopen later, to check, I saw, that tower was completed. Then I looked more carefully and realized that it was just awful translation. But such things on start make the first impression about games.

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Why do you trust the translation company when players specifically point out mistranslations? :pensive:
You can change the language on YOUR device so you can check for mistranslations. :expressionless:

Even if you can’t read Arabic / Japanese / Korean / Chinese, you can check the mistranslation in any language that uses Latin alphabet.

There are mistranslations that hinder the progress of game. Fix this, please.


Can’t resist… It’s not just dragon names


The Italian translation of Japaneeeeze is just too fun and “Discesa Letale” in English would be “Lethal Downhill”.

That said, I can’t see here a mojor issue.