Why do you use your avatar and is there a story for it? ๐Ÿ™ƒ


The avatars I use is what I like to see, it isnโ€™t a reflection of what I wanna be. Iโ€™ve been using Spiculus (aka Mr. Dreamy) since I got him and even have a reason for the emotion on his face. :slight_smile:๏ธ

Mr. Dreamy is in angst because he has fallen in love with me โ€ฆ but heโ€™s married. It was never meant to be. :sleepy:


I used Xander for the longest time because it was the closest resemblance to me that I could find in the avatars :joy: Now I use Makduil because heโ€™s justโ€ฆ really cool. Hoping to make it to his animated portraitโ€ฆ


Hell, why does your text change size?


Same I used Zander cuz he was the youngest looking avatar, then I switched to kharnyx because itโ€™s so eerie and badass


Aurora is my forever avatar because I named her. There was a story and naming contest that I won with my Alt FireMaidenMakimage. My Dad had been a commercial fisherman in Alaska all of my life and the Aurora borealis has been something I always wanted to see in person with him but never made it. My Dad passed away unexpectedly. So her name is Aurora after my dad Wally๐Ÿ’™


< sub > and < /sub > but with no spaces. Itโ€™s HTML code, I like to use it to signify whispering or something lol.


Thatโ€™s so cool!! I love that avatar!


I use Orin for a few reasons:

  • it was a significant milestone in early game to get that many medals in a single week and itโ€™s something I worked to get. It helped drive my love for the game
  • he looks old and wise. I take the time and take in all the info I can before giving advice, and I like to think of myself as somewhat wise at times
  • nobody else on my team uses it so itโ€™s unique enough


I want Kharnyx, especially that drawn version of him. Alas, I started the game too late and had to settle for his minion.


Iโ€™m an unknown soldier because none of the portraits interest me.


I love Oksana because she looks awesome, and anyway I do a lot of archery in real life. Sad it wasnโ€™t named BowyMcBowface though.


Your story is sweet. Iโ€™m glad you were blessed with a wonderful daddy. :tulip::tulip::tulip:


I wore Orin for a few days but his beard kept catching food bits. Then my officerโ€™s guinea pig made a home in it โ€ฆ and he wasnโ€™t house broken. :cold_sweat:


Thank you, it was a way to memorialize him in a game I love to play and sometimes escape in:)


I use Laria because sheโ€™s the one I like the most and green is my favorite color, i LOVE the suit.

Also, she is probably the one with the closest resemblance to me. (And no, Iโ€™m not nearly as pretty by far :cry: I wish lol)


Well i used Celestial Warrior because it resembled me (no wings, lmao) but now i use the Dryad because i like the color scheme & I feel it somewhat matches my name (again, colorwise. The blue). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I use Aurora because she has a badass dragon on her shoulders. And she looks awesome as heck. I usually like the magic wielding characters in fantasy stories.


I use Pog. Mostly because I am dumb and thought by doing 20 referrals I was going to get a Phweemp portrait. I could have sworn I saw that portrait somewhere. Instead I got a dragon that is garbage by the time you convince twenty friends to play till level 20.


What ya mean? Your Phweemp must be broken, my Phweemp is awesome. Better than some sapphires. :sunglasses:


I just want a blue avatar.