Why do you use your avatar and is there a story for it? 🙃


Me too, blue is my favorite color. Not going for Samhrad though /shrug/


Deathclaw is blue … with abs. :smirk:


Not my style :joy::joy:
For me, something like Xander, but less of the “emo teen who’s played too many RPGs” look.


My second favorite is this guy, he’s what I use for walkabouts.

His name is SUG, cause he’s sugar sweet. :drooling_face:


Aw man I wasn’t around for that one but he looks really cool :grin:


His animated version is nicer than the still one. Lately, the animated hasn’t been better than the stills. :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, I’m not a fan of the newer portraits either :man_shrugging: I feel like there’s not as much detail, or at least not very many nice-looking details y’know?


Thorn was my first ‘big’ grind back in the days and somehow kept it as I like the theme. Plus, like Mech, I am the only one on the team using it.


I use mine because I designed it… and unless I get to design another one I doubt I’d ever switch, unless it was to the female one I designed :wink:


This is the first season line I completed.


Named mine😊


Hmmmmm… well, to be perfectly honest, I Prefer to play with female avatars and although the reasoning may sound sexist, or possibly even homophobic, it is for thefollowing:

  • Females were typically absent in many of the earlier games or were… um… eye candy. As a brother to two sisters who I taught to defend themselves and be bad asses in their own right, this never sat well with me

  • Some of the best games have strong female leads and as I gravitated toward them and played with siblings, friends, and now my own daughters, I grew accustomed to them.

  • Outside of the younger and sillier characters in most games… the male characters look like grumpy, bitter, sullen, angry, constipated, or steroid ridden lol… in short, the female avatars are often more appealing to look at… for me.

  • So why do I have the angst ridden or crazy old men avatars here?.. because for some reason, players here get uncomfortable with pronouns and apparently feel compelled make assumptions… i hadn’t really come across that much in other games and in an effort to pacify a few and be less of a distraction ( definitely high prority for me since games are a valued distraction for me), I dawn the socially accepted norms.


Didn’t sound homophobic to me at all. Makes sense actually :+1: I like a lot of the female avatars but I’m a guy and people assume your gender according to your portrait (as you mentioned) so :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


I think people fall into one of two camps. The first camp is the ones who choose the avatar that matches their gender. The second camp is those who choose the avatar that they think looks coolest, the one they’d prefer to look at, whether or not it actually matches their gender.


Sorry for your loss, @oXoMAKoXo

She’s actually the only reason I have Snow. I instantly loved the portrait and I’ve loved the name Aurora since Sleeping Beauty.

She’s a Dragon Goddess, they flock to her like moths to a flame.


Thank you it was a really rough time in my life. My brother passed a few years before my dad as well. So when the competition started I was on it. My heart was cold and sad and felt frosty like her. She was was beautiful and sexy to me. She was it and I poured my heart into her description and why. So here we are rocking Aurora and now you know her history:)


Im not so loyal with my avatars. :eyes:.



I’ve recently switched to using Ara because well it’s all in the name really. :joy:


Perhaps an avatar closest to little wyvern…


Pog is purple?