Why do you use your avatar and is there a story for it? πŸ™ƒ


too lazy to change it.


Naw, he reflects you just perfect … a grumpy grump grump. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hmmm i dont think he looks grumpy enough, one of the only things making me consider a change.


Well, I chose my avatar for a couple reasons.

  • It was the first season Avatar I unlocked
  • It matched my gender, which helps prevent confusion.
  • It is fairly conservative looking. Maybe I am picky, but I just do not care for the more edgy avatars.
  • Very few people use the Avatar now, so it is convenient to keep it.

Once everyone moves on from the gladiator portrait from Avyx’s line, I may switch to the final moving portrait from that one. I am not certain about that yet though. We shall see


I lost my little brother New Years Day 2017 so I completely understand how you feel. I’ve seen many awesome portraits since but I can’t change her. She fits me well and now that I know more about her she fits perfectly.


they should hire you as portrait designer. I love them both




I tend to use male type avatars because numpties think I’m a dude anyway


I like the archer avatars so I keep switching between my current one, Oksana, and Thorn. I think I’ll stick with this one as fewer people use it now- there are at least 8 Oksanas at any one time on my league chat and team chat :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m currently using the Desert Emissary T1 (that, sadly, does not show up in the forums) and I use her because she was one of the first event portraits I earned when I first joined. The other portrait I switch between is Ash T2 (a portrait that also doesn’t show up). Both are from Fall 2016. :smiley:


You made that?? Nice :slight_smile: I wanna join the faction. I’m pretty good at designing stuff (when it comes to drawing etc)