Why does defender glory stink so much?

Sorry if this is another Atlas rant. But this is getting infuriating.

There is no good way to get glory in Atlas without starting a war or something. There is a way to farm literally every other resource - except glory. Especially now during pvp, I can’t even attack random castles to try to get some good glory.

Scour NML … lots of people sitting around with just 1 troop.
Plant a taunter/trapper in Aligane… defending gets CRAP glory.
Try to go with a sieger to Aligane… get attacked. (seriously, WHY do people attack siegers if it’s also crap glory?!)

Apparently PG has set up a situation where ANY glory, even crap clory, is better than no glory. This shouldn’t be the norm.

Seriously, if I attack someone, I go in and wipe their troops while few of my troops are killed, I get good glory. If I defend well, have set up my base well and someone tries to attack ME and doesn’t do it successfully, they lose a lot of troops and I lose little, but I don’t get rewarded much for it. How does this make sense?

There has got to be either A) more opportunities to attack, or B) better rewards for good defending.

/end rant



  1. Create a base where your enemies can destroy a good percentage, with favorable winning ratio (50%? 2 flame?)
  2. Try to maintain the ratio when defending.

(Still, having an option to lose more troops is much better…)

I do kinds agree, it’s annoying to see an attacker lose 10k while I lose 3k for a strong defense, and it’s still just 2k glory. I feel defenders should get to 150% a lot sooner, maybe even always since you lose much more troops than the attacker so often


Nothing more annoying than stopping an attacker dead in his tracks and get just about nothing for it


While there are many issues, the biggest issue with defensive glory is that dragons are too strong, and hitting down isn’t unattractive enough.


How about further tightened glory band? Also, not a smooth transition from 100% to 0%.

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Just my two cents… but unless you’re someone with level 80 towers and decent gear or lv 70 towers with awesome gear, defending is never something you should aim to do.

With the exception of taunter, a prim I don’t personally think you should have unless you’re 400+, you can attack easily with the other prims.

Also, you can get good glory attacking a sieger if you use a trapper to attack. My confusion is why people attack siegers in NML with other siegers. If you’re attacking someone at a castle either defensively or offensively, this serves a purpose since you want to kill as many enemy troops as possible
In the shortest timeframe. HOWEVER, if you’re in NML you are almost always just looking for glory. Sieger v. Sieger is a slow and not particularly advantageous combination since you kill a significantly larger about of troops with minimal loses. I think the glory ratio to troop kill ratio caps at 1.5 glory per troop lost. So basically you have to lose troops to gain glory… so sieger vs sieger in NML is just being a jerk. No one benefits in that scenario.

If they lost 10k and you lost 3k you should get 4.5k glory. Glory is the minimum of 1.5 x own troops lost or .75 x enemy troops killed. That is then multiplied by glory scaling. Were you on their castle so paid a team glory scale penalty?

Do you think I want to be getting glory purely though defends? I have literally no choice but to farm glory for Atlas lines supplemented in that way.

My team already has plenty of castles, we aren’t looking to conquer any more.

My 5ta is pretty quiet lately too.

NML, as I stated, is pretty bare.

It’s almost pointless trying to go to attack in Aligane since, as I mentioned, people just attack me so by the time I finish an attack it’s a dice roll as to whether I even have any troops left to win glory by the time I’ve completed an attack.

So what exactly do you suggest I do to get glory?

This has happened to me on several occasions too. I think the numbers you posted just apply for attacks, not defends. Or maybe there is some other factor at play which trumps those numbers. But apparently glory isn’t purely calculated on troops lost vs. troops killed, especially when it comes to defending.

I get a majority of my glory at Aligane because I’m small for my league so glory raids unfortunately don’t give me much.

I’m not sure of your issue with Aligane… I get it can be chaotic but there is usually someone you can attack multiple times a day. I’ve probably gotten 60-70% of my glory from Aligane this season…

Nope this happens at Aligane all the time when I’m defending. What you describe is true when attacking for me, but not for defending.

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This is what pisses me off about aligaine


How to level your primarchs 101:

  • Active defend ally/self castles with trappers
  • Siege castles with siegers
  • Swap glory for taunters
  • Mosey about and get involved in some shenanigans with destroyers

FIFY :slight_smile:

Nah you get wrecked if you sit in Aligane trying to snipe incoming siegers lol

Plus taunters have a special trait in which they have exactly a 1:2 attack:defense ratio. Find another person with an identical level taunter and 5 flame each others bases. It’s literally the easiest swap combo to remember for folks and gives both parties 25k kills/deaths and max glory for both parties. The only reason to swap hits back and forth is for the revive rate variance. Other than that it’s smooth sailing and equal for both players.


Unfortunately it seems like it has been their mission to punish defenders for being attacked. Terrible glory payouts and terrible troop recovery rates. Either give them one or the other but not both.

Really all you see out anymore besides the 1 troop primes are either players over 400 or under 100. They killed the glory market when they switched over to troop recovery favoring the attacker and didnt bother to give defenders anything.


I think it’s more likely that with most of atlas having a large list of folks (especially
In the case of mega alliance members) who are willing to help defend them, defense had too much of an advantage among the average atlas team, and turnover happened too little. Although I’m just guessing.

I do think everyone wants to take land, but nobody wants to lose land.

Glory payouts are actually quite good for defending if you can successfully defend. The issue is more that successfully defending almost never happens. (Reasons I listed earlier in thread)

Again, if I was too speculate, I’d guess that a large number of people complained to pg saying bases were too hard to win. This resulted in the base nerfing we have seen over the last few seasons.

Now why that happened I suspect to be entirely due to armor and it’s stat inflation. Basically enough people got amazing defensive armor that everyone got put into a situation of needing to hit at levels only spending can really accommodate. (Let’s omit the conspiracy about pg being greedy, true or false, it’s unproductive)

This is untrue. Perhaps at your level of competition. (Although aren’t you a bigger player in a lower league?)

At my level being over 400 is a liability. And I rarely come across easy bases. (Although there are few vases I can’t solo with a single dragon, those I can’t usually can go 2-3 dragons)

Problems that disrupt the glory economy

  1. Most everyone snipes so they rarely expose glory opportunity while they attack someone. Risking at most 50% what they may take.
  2. 400+ bypasses team scaling so many go around finding any and all bases 400+ on perimeter bases and go for the easiest (quickest) first
  3. Related to number 1, whoever finish an attack first gets the kills. As a result it’s rarely productive to go after equals as that usually takes longer and thus you will die while the opponent completes their suicide attack before you can do anything about it. Basically encouraged hitting downward
  4. Revives are too generous. Favoring a good attack, you can choose your fish in a barrel and counter most glory scaling by reviving 90% of troops.
  5. Bases are too expensive. The cost to change a tower level, while cheaper than before, pales in comparison to what dragons are needed to take it.
  6. Maxed dragons are too strong and too cheap. Gated only by player level and gear (one-time investment) many teams can afford to have at least one guy who can essentially backup any attack no matter if they immediately swapped. Once you have said dragons even triple defended, only a rare few bases can actually kill dragons with slightly above average flying and no mistakes made.
  7. Base boost is both too cheap and not a strong enough boost to overcome dragons who can solo bases. At the cost of a base you should have things better calibrated, with a slight defensive bias.
  8. Gear is becoming stale. If we don’t get a new tier soon, essentially it will be the new research where everyone has it maxed which provides no real advantage, and there is just this huge leap from those who haven’t maxed a set and those who have.
  9. Influence brackets are broken. Teams measured similarly are rarely similar. We need a strength based bracketing and ranking bugs fixed. In an ideal world we stop using player level and use more of a strength system too.
  10. People are bad (on average) at choosing a good target when player levels are in their target range. Not too many can read the power of the base and the buffs and number of towers and tower config and max tower level, and come out with a realistic idea of if they can beat the base. (Except when everything is maxes)
  11. Offensive rider armor is not bracketed with defensive rider armor like bases and dragons are. Similarly no restrictions exist for level or offensive dragons, etc. This allows a very large discrepancy within a single player level, making number 10 matter a lot.
  12. The top doesn’t have meaningful things to do with their own tier, so they involve themself in brackets which further make those they hit have to do similarly below them.

I’m sure I forgot some, but yeah atlas is not what I consider in a good place at the moment.


Yup, i have leveled my rusher purely from hitting siegers. Is not reliable to level any prim with defence glory.

If you completly shut them down, you lose so little troops that basically yield no glory, if you lose, you get way under 1:1 glory ratio even when they use 2/3 dragons.

The new system coming in 3 weeks is an attempt to make it easier to lvl rusher and taunter, but completly dumbs down the atlas primarchs imo.

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Im lv 343 in P3 so I wouldnt say Im a bigger player in a lower league given that it is now full of teams of 400s and 500s. But as someone who constantly searches for targets in NML, all I see anymore are huge players or tiny players (besides the obvious 1 troop players). It is very rare to see anyone from 200-360 anymore with troops on a prime and when you do you almost immediately have someone over 400 show up to hit way down.