Why does this legendary wisdom glyph have invert as a secondary?

I’m just curious as to what’s up with the legendary wisdomglyoh from the team achievements having invert as a secondary effect; while any other wisdom runes/glyph I’ve seen haver age regen. One of these effects is much more valuable than the others IMO. And yes the glyph symbol is the same as the previous ones with the exp/rage combo.

When hope is up, theres always something to let you down. :cowboy_hat_face:

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At least it makes you able to equip more.wisdoms then :+1:

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Legendary Wisdom sub rage + Legendary wisdom sub invert can be done!?

Yep, Ive got 2 different epic invincibility glyphs on a dragon, each with a different secondary ability

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It was meant for nightshade?

The glyph symbol is the symbol of the main effect.

To improve your inverting, obviously.

But as a more serious answer; most secondary bonus are useless. Sure we wish they all had rage as secondary bonuses but what it DOES do is allow for you to use a second legendary wisdom. If they all had the same secondary spell, you couldn’t stack them. This applies to all not just wisdom obviously.

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