Why does WD have so much lag?


Iphone 8+
LTE& Wifi
AT&T Spectrum Cable 100mbps
Any time one or more people join battle terrible if 3 defenders


One plus 5
On 4g wifi both 5ghz as normal one
Anytime a defender joins
Latest version just updated
Phone carrier OnePlus.


And here I thought this is normal :man_facepalming:
3 years and counting.


I just noticed the lag with a defender in the middle of the fight vs the beginning. It may have something to do with when they start taking action of something. Just adding the note since it is the same “lag” but showing up a little after the norm.


You are absolutely right - this is the issue of the platform design. Actually, when you begin a fight your device runs it for all participants. And Im nearly sure, that all devices connecting to your fight have to esteblish ptp like connection through PG servers to your device using specific protocol, which is coded with some lacks. Long ago Ive seen a post from devs where they say its very low lvl network code which is very risky to redesign. So they dont and wont do that.
So…lags, crashes and battle cheats will exist till the end of this project.
As well as huge dependancy on end user device configurations/performance, cuz all calcs and synchronizations is going on between those devices, while PG server just collect, store and check the corresponding data.

There are ppl here on the forum who knows WD architecture better than me. If they read this, they will correct me :slight_smile: PG, surely, wont clear this situation.


I had felt that more was put onto the client and there was a connection between them causing this issue. In the PC based MMORPGs this type of lag does not happen and there you do not have clients talking to each other, it all goes through the sever. Has to since there you have sometimes dozens and dozens of players all in the same area in a massive battle.

As for PG doing something or not, who knows. If it is a P2P issue then it would mean a large overhaul and I guess they would have to choose between having game work properly or as it does not in these situations.

Crisis seems interested in getting to the bottom of this.


iPhone X
Verizon but usually on WiFi when playing

AlwYs lags when joining a defense…This happens to so many it’s obviously our problem on the other side - Nothing to do with Devices or Connections.
Sometimes will have lag in mid battle when attacking.
Lag is mostly when joining with others or defending with others.
If just attacking myself no lag ever and not always when just backing a member but if backing someone and a defender definitely lags.
2+ sometimes lags 3+ always lags
Defending is by far where the most lag is.
Seperate topic Sync errors are starting to become a pain again :grimacing:


I notice lag when there are multiple players on both offensive and defensive ends of the battle.
The more players in a battle the worst the lag. I figured it was inevitable.


In broad strokes, the battle is like this.

  1. You select target and choose dragon and attack.
  2. Server sends base information to your client about the target, including research, runes, consumables, riders, gear, etc.
  3. Banner is displayed for defenders and (if you invited) for fellow Attackers.
  4. Battle happens on Attacker’s client, but is facilitated by server (no clients directly communicate with each other).
  5. All other clients talk to primary attacker through the PG server, which creates additional opportunities for lag.
  6. When battle concluded. All clients check back in with server, which acknowledged them, but the primary attacker is the “boss.”


point 4 - what kind of protocol is used for this connection? Ofc, its not pure p2p, but what is the role of PG server in synchronization between clients? My guess is that the attacker’s client is the master of everything in the battle - timings, calculations, objects status changes etc (data generation). Looks like WD is designed as single player with cooperation mode. Its very cost efficient for PG in terms of facilities TCO. But the main drawbacks of such approach are easy cheating and end user device performance dependency. Both lead to bad customer experience and revenue loss.
Personally, I’m sure that WD has chosen wrong architecture for their platform… and currently the whole project is still alive only bcz of catchy main idea and so talented artists. Everything else is of so arguable quality…:frowning: Especially content costs… 120+ years as base required time for building full 63 base and breeding full harbringer…makes physically impossible to reach that target without spending 50+K bucks or cheating/exploiting.


Actually… Fun fact: WD was originally a single player game. :man_shrugging:

Maybe that is part of the code that includes the water God… The part they don’t want to touch.

The game uses TCP mostly… But maybe that is not what you were asking?



No idea why WD has so much lag, but unless it affects their bottom line you can be sure they won’t do anything about it.


There is more than one kind of server.

I think people confuse speed and latency. Lag is often a latency issue, not a speed issue.

Try keeping 6 peoples games updated with people around the world and tell me it’s easy. There are certain parts of the world that are more connected than others. For example China has a firewall that connects their entire country. It’s quite latent. The US west coast is super low latency and high speed. connection between east coast and west coast are sometimes more latent than going to other countries. Connections across the oceans use under sea cables primarily which some are great and others aren’t. But they seem to have an accident almost yearly where the undersea cables get cut. Backup connection is satellite based and is very very very latent.

Anyways my point is that things we think are no big deal are a lot more complicated than we think. Things that are very fast can be slow due to latency.

And War dragons is far from setup ideally for best connection experience…


Is there an update on the progress made looking into this issue. It is most certainly still there and very regular.



Does your team need more information or is there another way we can help?

Again, at least when someone is defending this is a 100% reproducible flaw and either it needs to be fixed or the indicators on the spell icons need to stop ticking down while we are frozen at a minimum.


I came across a video that shows the lag we speak of, though it is much shorter than we normally encounter. It occurs at 24 seconds in.

While I do not have much hope PG is still considering this due to the a month and a half of silenced including a PM it was still worth a try since this is a clear and repeatable defect in their programing.

We will see soon enough.


Lag = PG :grimacing:


This hasn’t been happening as often in the past as it is in the last 1 or 2 months.

Here are 2 examples of the lag everybody is speaking of. It is when a defender joins a run late. It is unfortunate because people use this in wars, waiting till the last second to join the defense and then (either on purpose or due to defensive strategy) lag the attacker.

This has nothing to do with the user. I’ve played this game year and 6-7 months on iPhone 6/7/8. The more updates are introduced in game, making it heavy, the more often this happens. Nowadays this happens every single time without exception.


Thank you for providing such great examples.

It is odd how the client is giving us a message that the lag is because we have a slow internet connection yet the client’s meter showing us how strong our connection is shows full bars.

The issue is compounded by the fact the spell icons essentially have a countdown that continues when this lag starts even though the spell itself is not losing time.