Why don’t I have daily exp multiplier?

I have just started this game. According to my friend, they all have daily exp multiplier, x5 x4 and x3 for the first three battles of each dragon. But I have played for several days and never seen a multiplier on my dragons . Any ideas why?

I remember the multiplers coming after the few day mark. Not sure what really initiates them whether it’s time or reaching a certain tier or level but they will definitely activate at some point


I never really noticed when I started my mini not that long ago. I guess it’s based on level and the first few dragons leveled so quickly I never missed them.

You will get it after a certain lvl. Believe somewhere in your 20. Not sure of the level but it will pop up when you get the necessary lvl.

I got it waaay before level 20 on my mini, don’t think it’s that high.

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Wasn’t sure of the level may be earlier or may be based on dragon tier. It’s at least based on something and you will unlock it eventually.

I’m not sure about this (apparently starting a ton of accounts never inspired me to care enough to look) but it seems that it has to do with breeding. I would assume that after a certain point with breeding and hatching dragons, you will get it. What I can say with certainty is that you won’t have to wait long; it becomes available early on.

I just got a new iphone (main on ipad) and used to to level a twink just for fun. I got multipliers when I hit level 20, was surprised as well.

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