Why don’t you gain and loose Atlas as you change leagues?

Simple as really…

I know teams in Sapphire I without it and Inknow teams in Platinium and even Gold with it…

If you leave a team with Atlas you don’t take it with you, you loose it.

So why is team access not linked to their league? I guess the question is what would happen to land they have control over…? Simple it becomes barren and a free for all to take over…

Anyone any insights

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Once you unlock Atlas, you don’t lose access. We invite more teams to join (based on their current league) as Atlas is ready for more teams, so being ranked highly will help you secure one of those next invites.

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I think that if this apply to the current game,

People would declare on a team that is stomping them. Once that team is kicked out of Atlas due to being demoted, other people on that league can take over those lands which would mean a lot of lost troops with no way of getting revenge.

That is pretty bad if you ask me.

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We really need to just add more teams, even if they just hang out in the neutral zone until balance is sorted out a bit…it is better than not having it?


Agreed. At least that way we can slowly build boats and craft some gear. :slight_smile:

might cause more issue the more teams joins atlas instantly.

I think there is still an issue with transfer being delayed right? They should be expanding it when it can handle more people.

Maybe, but the longer they wait the less chance any new team will ever have of gaining any land. not that they have much of a chance anyways.

80% of teams own land now, and most of those teams are relative latecomers. We have a ways to go yet, but my goal is that every team that wants land should be able to carve out at least a little home for themselves, and grow over time. Clearly a gap exists between that goal and where we are now.

Do you have a rough idea as to when you will be adding more teams?

This week, if my best estimate holds.


Thanks Dave! Will it be the rest of sapphire? Or a smaller expansion?

We will be releasing a new feature in Atlas shortly that is a guided system of quests that provide a bit of instruction and purpose for basic actions in atlas. We will release a small amount of new teams just to test out this questing functionality. If all goes well we will then expand to a larger set of teams.


Will this be the rest of Sapphire, including Sapphire teams in SI and SII that don’t have it unlike most other teams in that league??

Please say it is…

Need teams are added AND new land or just new teams?

@Chrisjones1979 Just a small number of teams (tentatively eight) first to see if the new questing does its job in helping new players start having fun in Atlas. Most likely we’ll get feedback which helps us improve it and then use that feedback to make it better for the next, hopefully larger, batch of invites.

@Panda No new high level lands yet, afaik.

Only 8 :pensive: Are they random or will there be some logic behind it. We’re in SI now and still without Atlas, which is putting us at a bit of a disadvantage, missing out on rewards and finding it hard to retain new players at times as they want Atlas

Please let me know if there is anything we can do to be part of the magic eight…


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If you like you can make my team one of the 8. that way if your new tutorial sucks I will at least be there to guide them. :slight_smile:

PLEASE! :slight_smile:

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No no no no @PGDave please pick us! We must be the only Sapphire One team without it… :man_shrugging:

at least bribe him with naming a fort after him or something :rofl:

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i called it first. :slight_smile: