Why don’t you want to open the breeding update thread, PG?

Is it because people will voice their frustrations???

Or so people can actually see the updates?


Maybe because people are talking about it here?

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You can see them. There is no time given. They just “want to do it tonight still.” You would think after countless breeding events that this kind of a mistake wouldn’t happen. :man_shrugging:t2:

Follow the link that Angela provided for you and go voice your frustrations. The forums aren’t exactly lacking in frustration this evening…


Why should we be on hold for their mistake? Why not a specific thread dedicated to this? Like their closed update thread?

Ok I will

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@moderators please close this thread

There’s already two threads about people voicing their frustration and the updates are shared there too.

I find it actually very practical to check one thread to get updates instead of searching three others for the elusive employee update (even though we can search by user, it’s not always practical).


Closed as requested