Why don't Egg Missions scale with level?

I recall reading something of the sort in the Open Letter to PG from some time ago. I love this game, and I have already invested a decent amount into it, because it is by far my favorite mobile game! However, I would just like to know why the egg missions do not scale with level? I wonder if it is fair that a level 1 gets the same 80 tokens as a level 250, especially when the number of tokens increases for each tier of drags?



I am wondering the same thing. When you start the game all the different things you get are incredible, but as you get higher in the game things have got to change. Serious players need better incentives.
War Dragons is really going to feel the emptiness as the older players get bored and leave.

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The only downside I can think of is that having egg tokens scale with level will encourage people to drastically overlevel their base, to make breeding easier as soon as possible.

Perhaps the egg token missions could scale by breeding tier instead. Make the balloon an upgradable building, and each upgrade requires something similar to the divines (two green epics hatched, one gold legendary hatched etc). That way you can still scale up the egg tokens to better match the tier they’re intended for, but racing your base ahead won’t give you an egg token advantage on breeding lower-level dragons.


I think that the latest good idea i heard was scaling it off of builder hut level. That would ensure that you were far enough through a tier to reap the benefits. It would help push a drive back toward tier dragon progress and breeding rather than leveling up and leaving your dragons far behind.


I have heard in streams I think where PG’s where talking about doing something, :crossed_fingers:. I really don’t want much change. If it scales at to much a rate it just becomes to easy, so tough for them to even out no doubt.

As you get higher level PG wants you to spend more, not be given more.


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