Why don't try this

Why PG don’t Try to put something like get us to build our very unique dragon let add us spells and armor that way everyone on the game have they own dragon i can be like certain events you get parts and things to add to you dragon!

The problem is then too many dragons that are the same thing would be flying around. And if people could pick the all the spells then that dragon could be very overpowered for some people. Also this kinda dragon can be exploited by cheaters. Now don’t get me wrong it’s a nice idea, I just don’t think it will ever happen.


It wouldn’t be as difficult as people think, they could it in a way that reflects a customized dragon, like you customize a character on any game. They could even do it as new branch, like a once a year thing you that you could earn, and the limit the number of spells of course. You can pick and basically design any dragon type you wanted, even if it never happens, its still a cool idea.

I’d choose evasion, ballista resist, stoneskin shield.


Oh my god don’t even think about attacking me with that monster!

I’d choose, Cure Poison, Storm Resist and Self Destruct (without damage)
Noxious Vines, Timeshift, Feral Rage and Death Stare

:thinking: why not ballista resist?

Because LX said ballistas resist

I don’t know how you would design it though, you mean like armor?, you would still need a base for the armor. And spells can be weak by themselves but strong if combined in a certain manner

Elemental Mayhem, Lockdown, Summon warrior, and Wind wall.

That is my spell set. Make it a sorcerer.


I personally think this idea wouldn’t work by a long shot simply because of the high chances of exploitations and cheating, as well as too many OP spell combinations. It is an interesting proposition, though, and it could be implemented in the future, I guess.

The spells can be just limited so ppl don’t take advantage

Don’t forget battle cry !

I’ve already voted once, and I’d sure as hell make this exact same dragon if given the opportunity. Still may be better than nydryryryryryryr too!


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