Why even compare WildFire to bonus Meter?

I don’t hate the wildfire addition, don’t love it either!
But I’m curious as to why they would even compare it to the bonus meter?
The post about it they referred to the bonus meter and about how they had to do something!
Well guys (PG) you didn’t really do anything.

For big spenders you introduced this thing everyone hates! The Mega coin…Every event has turned into a Mega Coin event & it has EVERYTHING to do with the rankings in each event.

The bonus meter was the exact opposite of the Mega coin instead of bulk points in single attacks and energy running out fast you build up the meter then can just use regular attacks (4 energy) with 1-3 fire and a full bonus meter you are gaining great points off only 4 energy and you can do this throughout rounds because of only using 4 energy per attack while they (using megas) would eventually run out, while others still getting top points per attack.
The bonus meter worked against big spenders and mega use because eventually after pounding teams with 100 energy at a time or 20 at a time they would run out causing the meter to zero…But non spenders could keep attacking gaining full points with regular attacks.
It took a lot of attacks and time but non spenders/low spenders could gain an advantage in time that helped with leveling the advantage of $

For some reason or another ($) the bonus meter is gone for good and megas are here to stay in every PVP event!

To balance out the loss of the bonus meter you introduce this WildFire?
Really it’s nothing like the bonus meter.
Because with supers or regular attacks you want to use 3 dragons with fire but with a mega attack your getting such a chunk of points you can use 1-3 dragons, who really cares about adding an extra 200-300’points on to several thousand points per attack?
So they can afford to only use one dragon with fire and it not hurt them.

In short they can 5 flame the base taking full advantage of WildFire still get a ton of points per attacks while others using regular attacks with fire or sometimes supers with fire basically have to use 3 dragons to keep up, taking it almost twice as long to achieve the 80 flames per attack.
Obviously they won’t use mega every single attack but even then they still should gain a better advantage with wildfire…And with only using one dragon per mega that saves them Fire to use when done with megas.

It isn’t another huge advantage to spenders like the Mega coin but it isn’t anything like the bonus and if anything it seems to me that big and moderate spenders can take Just as much of an advantage of wildfire if not more…Making it nothing like the bonus meter :roll_eyes:


I thought you understood what motivated PG. Real games are motivated by developing entertaining content. Games like PG are motivated merely by finding ways to encourage players to spend more money to win. It is why they call it P2W. Clearly skill is not in play.


This :point_up_2:t2:

The only comparison I can see is that it gives you a tiny fraction of a bonus for your work. Bonus meter was far better, even if you didn’t hoard energy and do all your attacks in one sitting.


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