Why give features to some players and not all?

This is a trend that I feel Needs to stop. Who wants to play a game that is competitive but doesn’t have an even playing field? I understand players earning higher rewards (such as more daily eggs and event rewards for higher leagues), but giving some random accounts features and not others is not ok.


This was a bad choice at the beginning because they were so eager to get their new baby out and working, but they knew it couldn’t support the activity of the entire community. Now, they are stuck with that choice.

Greed prevailed over wisdom. Go figure.


They did this today. They released another new feature and only gave it to some players. They also did this a while ago and never released the feature after giving some player an advantage for months.

Saddest part of all is: Gameplay-wise you ain´t missing a THING! It´s basically full of politics

Progress-wise it´s getting really tough to catch up for players not having Atlas:

  • easy XP Base with max XP
  • rewards in events (specially timers)
  • daily payouts from owned lands
  • stockpiliing ressources like scrolls, gold, troops etc.
  • leveling riders in Atlas and profiting from their boosts

really sad to see what direction that game takes atm…


like this one? :neutral_face:


:point_up_2:t3: That’s not a atlas thing

I am curious how that is politics?

You were able to outline the possible benefits but…let’s look at Atlas as a whole, do you want a truly “even playing field”?

The even playing field is thrown out the window the minute you have P2W features, and I’m almost certain that every phone game has those.

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Fortunately these games have a natural way of remedying this. For example, leagues. Separating players into tiers based off of a combination of spending and grinding. It is not immediate and there will be interlapping, but the overall effect is the migration of highly intensive players to Diamond-Sapphire, where they will compete with players that are at a similar play style to themselves, and the more casual players in the leagues congregate below that, also competing against players who share their style.

The issue with atlas is that the open map does not have these separations. In some ways, it’s more “real,” in that a real world map wouldn’t have separations, but it is a stressor for smaller teams.
There are already anti-griefing measures in place, and with this update they’ve added more; this is a good start in my opinion, but I’d be curious to hear other suggestions for how to help the smaller teams gain a little traction. It is a game, after all; we play for fun and being expelled to the safe zones by the mighty hand of diamond drains that fun rather quickly.


I’m not talking about P2W features. That’s fair anyone can buy them technically. I’m not even talking about atlas, which if they were true to their word and let anyone have access once their team reached a specific rank would be fair (it’s not even close to fair currently, but I’m tired of beating the dead horse about atlas).

Today, with the update, the rolled out a new feature involving daily log in rewards. They are slowly “rolling it out” to players to fix anything that comes up. It’s literally a copy of the trade in feature from a few months ago.


Yea i know nic, and I agree 100% that is not fair. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending PG, I’m simply saying we should lower our expectations. They have done this many times, Atlas been the biggest one of course.

Btw I don’t have any of the fancy new features myself, I have high hopes that they will roll it out to every player soon.

I have dived a bit into the unbalance of atlas, I have kept quiet for a bit to give this new update a chance and see if the new glory changes will actually have a positive effect.

I honestly am curious what people consider to be an “even playing field”. Since I started this game a vast majority of the player base seem to not understand the difference between the words “fair” and “equal”.

Should they just give Atlas to everyone on an “even playing field”? Perhaps…personally, I would love to see it. But I think the result would not go as well as people think.


That’s why I said an even playing field is thrown out the window the minute p2w features are added. The best PG can do is try to balance it so that the game is not a complete downer for those who spend less money or started the game recently.

I think this isn’t about atlas but about some people randomly getting 4k rubies and 1k tokens for every base level gained. And I have to say that sort of thing is a bit demotivating.

The advantages of Atlas are also significant, but at least I know that I get myself to an atlas team with skill and work eventually. Completely random hanrdouts make it a lottery.


I totally agree…that kind of decision is very odd. The only thing I could think and trust me I don’t agree with their logic at all: “If we just randomly throw out rewards when you level, more people will be motivated to spend and level!” ?

That is about the best I can come up with for that because I agree…that makes zero sense so far.

Yea that’s my same opinion on it, nothing else would make sense.

I agree…that specific thing is a bit of a dick move. Atlas and certain parts to it are a bit more complex imo.

I think, if atlas was granted to everyone at a specific rank it would be fair enough. I think right now they wanted it to be available to all sapphire players and they rolled it out to all the teams in sapphire. The problem lies in the fact that if my team got to sapphire tomorrow it still wouldn’t get atlas despite earning it.

This specific disparity is so severe because the rewards for atlas increase the gap in power level between players who have it and those who don’t. Imagine if players who had atlas wouldn’t be allowed to get seasonal sigils prizes: this is how we feel.

Someone called it political. In so much as it’s favors being bought by people who can afford it while leaving those of us who cannot to do without, I agree.

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Just curious, do you think they should lose Atlas if they drop below Sapphire?

It is more of a wash than you think but I get where you are coming from. Until they fix the way attacking is incentivized, adding new teams without addressing that just means they are going to exist simply to get obliterated by teams that were honestly, better before Atlas.

That still wouldn’t really be politics then…

In any case, I hope they fix the mechanics because if they don’t incentivize attacking in a different manner, you would rush in…just to be very unhappy I think. I could also be very wrong and you have the time of your life as well.

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