Why go without notice

Why members go without giving notice and in middle of war :rage: can at least do their attacks an go, it is too much to ask?

I have the same problem. I believe it’s:

  1. They are shy
  2. They have a poor connection and if someone else joined their run the attack would not work
  3. They think that somebody got them because others are on
  4. They just want to go and get it done with
  5. (If you don’t send out emails about War this won’t apply) They don’t read the email you send out
  6. They think they can do it themselves
  7. They are afraid to use chat
  8. They try their hardest to go unnoticed
  9. They don’t speak the language everyone else is speaking
  10. They don’t understand the concept of backup
  11. They like to be a pain

People will always let you down it is the way of nature

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I think she’s talking about players who leave the team during a war without even doing their attack.



We had that happen recently. Lost two wars because the player in question didn’t show up. Got declared on the next day by another team… Same player who didn’t show for the wars the previous day leaves the team before the new war even starts. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Very bad really we lost 5 wars at that time :rage:

No! :scream:

I don’t know what some teams do to lessen the chance of this happening. I wonder what makes a team successful. I think knowing this is the first step to stopping this. Reaching out to teams in Sapphire and Diamond will help to figure this out. I’m in a sapphire team and I’m not going to say this has never happened but it happens less than platinum and below.

I know that some people purposely do it. Join a team and then when that team declares or gets declared on they leave. What you call those people is slipping me at the moment.


sadly this is the nature of the game, very much like real life in this aspect, people just walk out on you in the middle of a big project. my advice is build your core team, surround yourself with people you can trust, and grow together. Also referrals are a good way to get good people.

this happens across all leagues tbh

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:poop: heads?

I will say cabrones e hijos de puta (Spanish for son of b…)

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