Why has the chest count changed? Max is 999+ 🥺


@Arelyna, @Crisis, please ask them to change it back to real numbers. How will we be able to calculate and plan if we don’t know what we have? Please help :pray:t3:

Armoury chest totals

Um, did you look below the “Open 10” button?

EDIT: You have 5262 bronze chests.


I concur a bit…Just a matter of convenience if I have over 1k chests to be able to open the event screen and see the count rather than having to go through two screens. I’m one of those weirdos who grind a set number of chests per day.

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Oh, I didn’t notice :rofl:

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Event has started? Better get it captured…

p.s. I hope the instant indicator of free chest is still there


The maths, they be hard even for this clever girl


Noooooo sssshhhhhhh soon they’ll remove our ability to stockpile chests


I honestly didn’t think he noticed “yet”


@Sam what in the world are you doing with that many chests saved :joy:.


It really ain’t that much.


Mildly irritating. Why change or mess about such things? I need and had five number places for chests. No big deal as the real number is still on the individual chest opening bit.

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