Why has the sigil price increased massively this season?

Okay so I know that the XP needed to level the season dragons has gone up but why increase the sigil price too? Some of us can’t even get to a gold stone because we don’t spend. Like I know you guys want to make us broke but some of us are young and we use our parents money. It’s just stupid how it’s become near necessary for pay-to-play… The sigils go from 200-400! It’s stupidddddddd…

Last Season to get to gold took 8,060 sigils. This season it costs 5,950. I wonder why the increase in cost…

If you cannot get to a gold stone its because you do not play, not because you do not spend. Quit making non-spenders look bad.


Increase of the sigil prices? I think this season is cheaper then the last one. Cause also the portraits are for free.


I don’t mean the prizes as in the whole tree I mean because it goes from 200 to 400 in one big jump.

If you go all the way down the line it costs the same in the end.

Ending at Orange, Green, or Garnet will cost you more this season than it did last season. Gold, Plat, Sapphire, and Emerald are all cheaper.


I don’t under understand sorry!

If you only look at the difference in sigil costs between green and gold, this season it costs almost half as much as it cost last season. 2650 vs 5090

Is there like less prizes between them?

The number of prize claims have been condensed; the total cost of a line is still 25k, just like last season, excluding last season’s side branch.

Compare mechengg’s for last season: (click the image in the post to view the full image)

Dakhunter’s for this season:

In terms of the total quantity of prizes:

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I’m sorry could you simplify that for me?

its more rewards, cheaper overall cost, but looks more expensive because there’s fewer nodes. Prizes may seem less but only because side branches were removed.


Yes, this season stuff is cheaper than last season. There is no massive price increase.

What you are specifically asking for this season (gold upgrade) costs 75% what it cost last season.

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To summarize, although you’re paying more for an individual prize, your overall cost is still less. You can think of it as still saving sigils because you need less to get to that point.
By the time you get to that evolution stone, you are still paying less than you did last season.

TY all. Think I understand now :heart::sweat_smile:

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