Why hildr healing?


I have 2 questions about hildr .

  1. Why hildr heals ? None of it’s spell mentioned about healing , But I saw it’s healing some how …

  2. In spell scaling , hildr spells are not mentioned in the list , is that means their base damage converted into modified damage without reducing its % or still it’s deals base damage ?

*note: I don’t have Hildr

Thank you


Spiritual Guardian

it has damage reduction in a form of heal

if you receive 100 damage and you have 30% damage reduction, you will be healed for 30 health


Me too thought like that , looks like my guess is right :grin:


For 2., all the dragons released this season were released with spell scaling in mind, so Hildr has the correct stats.


She would have been a much better Dragon if she didn’t heal and the spiritual guardian worked like a real damage reduction… Unfortunately it’s just like Kinnarus’ Dodo…

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