Why in the world doesn’t MYTHICS have a avatar?!

I mean you work your ass off, spend, spend spend then work your ass off more, & to get 2 lines & no avatar, but legendary have 4 :thinking::thinking: I mean it’s not a huge deal but something ain’t right. If you got that far you should have a damn unique avatar to go along with that dragon! Just saying… my point of view


They used to come with an avatar. I know the avatar below was won in that way.

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See now that’s awesome it could be simple like that doesn’t even have to move lol, just something to do with the dragon & it’s color scheme or something I mean to put that many sigil for some stones is like ordering some food but they forgot to put in the desert :man_facepalming:t2:

That kharnyx lore avatar was attainable with Phasmos (mythic sorcerer) as said in Fall 16.

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