Why is it that poison hits me when I have a shield?

I meant why is it that when I used a dragon with explosive or invincibility shield the poison strikes after the shield has been used? It’s common sense that the shield should bloke the poison. Yet I just realised having shields that bloke poison would completely neglect cure poison.

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So I didn’t get the point of having a cure poison mainly because it cost 1 rage bar and you can use it but get poisoned straight after. like what the hell game developers?

Shields don’t stop secondary effects, only primary shot damage. Eg poison like you’ve already seen, or dark flak stun, or fire flak damage reduction, or mage shot rage bar freeze.

Iirc invince shield doesn’t have the poisoned effect unless you’re hit after the shield ends. I know noc fissure the poison effect will still occur once fissure expires, and I think it’s the same for explosive, but I’m fairly certain invince doesn’t get poisoned, or stunned. Can still get fire flak ssed through invince though.

When people used to use ballistas I noticed it more that the poison duration was longer than the shield if you shielded early making poison hurt after the shield goes down.

Pop shield, ballista shoots, no poison, shield times out, poison still has time left so hurts for that amount of time (sometimes very short, sometimes long if you get hit just before shield goes down).

Logically it doesn’t make sense, though, as how would you get affected by poison if you shield blocks the poisoned arrow/bolt?

But there’s a lot of things that don’t quite make sense - why should earthquake stop projectiles that already have been launched? Other than freeze code reuse, that is.

The point of cure poison is it’s a one rage easy heal if you’ve done the research, and will make your life with dear amarok much easier.

In my observation with shields it’s a duration thing, like Bam said. If your shield ends before the duration of the poison is up, you get a bit of the tail end of the poison. No big deal.

The cure poison has a duration itself as well. I don’t know what it is for sure but during that x number of seconds you don’t get poisoned.


It’s always a pleasure flying amarok again in temple raid. Such a fun dragon.


Thx for telling me

The poison arrow hits the shield and the kinetic force carries the poison from the tip into your face (or skin)?

Just “spit balling”. I get your point though. The good thing is super shots are limited if you survive the onslaught.

I promise I won’t waste a super shot on a ballista if I ever defend against you.


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Maybe they could ACTUALLY fix ballista though. 1 step at a time gentlemen

Thx I will be seeing you in battle

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