Why is the wind knight be recycled?

We’ve seen this portrait already from the last temple raid event. This is the second time PG has duplicated the center island reward. Yawn.

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Because PG wants to annoy 🫵🏻 enough to make a post about it.


You can do better than that.

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He is be recycle because a new portrait every TR is a lot. oh well.

Also probably too much burn out from the art team. So much that they don’t want to think of putting new portraits out there.

The other portraits are literally done. It’s the same one changed only by the element. They are all complete… PG simply won’t admit or correct their own screw ups. Which are accumulating.

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I mean…tami told us it was going to be the wind knight in the newsletter. So its not really a surprise that PG has yet to make a new portrait for temple raid.
Because to quote doomhippo when I brought this up about 4 days ago,

Which sucks, but its nothing new


next to no one uses the portrait.

nobody pays for the portrait

not really a good reason in the current financial situation to keep them coming any quicker i would guess

I think they make a new temple portrait set about once a year, which is not too unreasonable. Since there are ~9 temple events in a year there will be some repeat, but it’s also nice for people who missed one.

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I love these portraits it’s the only reason I like the temple event. The bases used to be incredibly hard for me now if into se non seasonals no riders they are tricky it used to be a badge of ability *

They could’ve at least recycled other TR portraits. Doing the same one twice in a row doesn’t really make sense to me. Do a different element? There’s plenty of knights and imps to choose from right?

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Even bears as well


Ya, the recycle of portraits is kinda crappy. Seems less and less new content all the time.