Why is there an age divide in this game?

This isn’t like a cry for attention but why is the older player base so mean to the younger players?
Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I’m not as good as you?

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:roll_eyes: I see no good coming from this post! But isn’t that every game? It’s open for anyone of all ages!


Don’t judge the lot by the actions of a few. If people are being that immature towards you, they might not be as grown as you think.

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Who’s being mean to you? And don’t generalise pls.


I think age is less of a problem than maturity. I have seen way too many adults on here behaving like bratty kids, and I have seen kids being surprisingly mature.


I’m 20, played this game and I’ve been talked down to by players 2 to three times my age. It’s not the age it’s the people. Something I was taught was if people have nothing good to say to you, then it isn’t worth spending time or thought on them!


In my experience, only the players who are younger than ~16 are given a hard time. :thinking:

Why is there a divide? Probably because older people generally have money to spend and young people don’t. That’s why.

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I honestly think the divide comes between people who have experience and logic vs those who say things in a whim without thinking.


We all enjoy this game. While it highly frustrates us at times and sometimes we don’t all get along we still all continue to play it and talk about it like it’s something new. But as for a divide eh not really. I think it’s mostly just competition. I challenge my close friends to stay ahead of me as they challenge me to catch up and we always attack each other and show off our new dragons.

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When you get to be my age you’ll understand


Did you have to walk uphill both ways barefoot in the snow?


Yeah I know there’s that but just because I don’t spend as much money as you (not you personally) doesn’t mean that I’m not as good or can’t get into a say… Sapphire three team. I can totally understand where the 18+ teams are coming from but isn’t sexually explicit content etc against the Terms and conditions?


Wait so what’s the thing in the settings section called.
Edit: they’re not there anymore.

I have been in all kinds of leagues and have read a lot on this board and I will tell you one thing a large amount of higher level players, long time players have this thing called an ego because of the number next to their avatar :joy:…Not all of them but a lot so just do not associate with the mean ones! I guess it makes them feel superior to you so they have to talk down to you or just not be very friendly.
I know right? It’s ridiculous!

But you see this same thing in all walks of life! It takes more energy to be mean to someone then to just not say anything at all. I don’t get it :roll_eyes:

Don’t get discouraged or even listen to it! I have seen great flyers at not that high of a level and not so great very high level players! Building a tower doesn’t really have much to do with how you are as a player? Anyone can hit “upgrade” :wink:

Have a great day NyzChalftTWO :grin:

Edit* oh you mean like older players like older age? I don’t know about that! I’ve met some older players that are very friendly and some who are not but that’s with any age bracket.

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First, my name is Nyzchaleft :joy::two_hearts: (its a boss from elder scrolls)
And second I just mean players in general and your post sums up this topic so well, ego… hehe I didn’t think of that :joy:

Please don’t e-murder me for saying this… but because I am in that awkward phase of life where I am very much an adult but people like to treat me as if I still use four limbs to roam the earth and need to be spoon-fed, I believe I have somewhat of an understanding.
How you (not specifically you) present yourself is how others perceive you. If you present yourself to others as someone that hasn’t earned their respect but act as if it is expected, then it creates a discord of what you how you would like to be treated and how they view you.
What I’m saying is that by creating and exuding a positive persona you draw positivity to yourself. When you (once again, not specifically you) exude a negative image to others, they will pull back.

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I know what you’re saying. Sometimes i have felt looked down upon because of my age but not without reason. Talking in LC, i can clearly see that i am much younger than most players and that’s not a bad thing. That doesn’t mean I don’t also feel respected as much as i feel looked down upon. I am 17 and have played this game 2 years now. I have a lot of friends(people eho hate me less than most others lol) and i feel that i can talk with them and be thought of as another person. Since i am a minor I don’t think i am totally equal tho. We all have things to learn and just because I’m maybe a higher level than some 40 year old that just started doesn’t mean I’m more wise.

In short, you wont be equal in wisdom per-say but you will be equal in presence. Make yourself liked not hated. Respect is earned by being respectable and likable, so keep your emotions in check and be mature in game.

I’m not one to speak in regards of maturity and respect but this is just my take on it.


whippersnapper! :wink:

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