Why is this a thing?

I don’t really understand. They got literally nothing and now I got to revive a prim in the middle of my gold run. Yes I know I could have been farming in the safe zone but just like everyone else I also like to finish as fast as possible.
They were 280 levels higher

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Gotta get those kills for the leaderboard!


Various reasons. Some people do it to be rude, others do it to farm medals, some do it because they’re bored, etc.

Sorry about your run though. :disappointed:


Perhaps I’ve found myself a new hobby :smiling_imp:


I see so many people complaining about chores in war dragons than I see people do this and I’m like what is it.


Eh, it’s just weird for someone to waste their time like this. But he probably just sped through with krelos.

I mean you got to catch up first😂.

Was the NML you were on an access point to the attacker’s castle? You may have set off their early warning system and it was the attacker’s way of telling you not to plunk yourself down there.

Or the attacker was just being a DB.


Nope was a nml between two safe zones. One on the edge between two bodies of water.

There actually is a small area with some castles close but none are owned by the same team though I did find their castle relatively close maybe 12-15 pieces of land between .

I’m ashamed to say I have done this before. I haven’t done it for a while. It was to get the “Wipe out Primarchs” weekly quest for 9k shards (and 500 diamonds for the 7/7).

If I’ve had a quiet week, the fastest way is to find someone sitting in quiet NML. Anywhere else I might get attacked first, etc.

Even in a normal week, I try not to wipe out primarchs in attacks: I wipe myself out with the first attack to leave nothing behind. But almost always I get it by defending at our castle, or by a slight overload of troops when attacking.

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Definitely a possibility.

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10k medals. I do it too

Forgot these existed lmao


This happened to me 3~4 times a day. Get used to it.

I have done that to finish off the “release 2 primarchs” weekly thing. 9k crafting shards in exchange for a single troop is a great deal (especially when I’m not paying the troop…)

See this is the bit I don’t like … why is it that PG hasn’t yet addressed this habit of some players hitting really low ?

If lower or no glory isn’t a deterrent then remove glory from them, or find some other way to discourage it. The game is about skill, right? The only time we should ever be hitting way below our level in Atlas is if someone parks on our castle (red is dead, level irrelevant).



They may have been after your gold too. They might have figured you had a cache saved up.


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Is there a way to see how many gold someone has ? To me it’s like a chrissy present …some people give good gifts, others not so much but you don’t know until you open them up …