Why is this a thing?

No. It’s an unseen resource until you finish your run.

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I get hit in nml while beast hunting too. Usually when you see people there they are mining gold so I am sure there are those who use the opportunity for an easy lucrative hit since PG is so massively shrewish with the beast payout.

But can you get resources from hitting someone in atlas? I never got anything but maybe I just never noticed.

You look them up and hit them outside the game…So I stand corrected…apologies…no idea why they wipe out 1 prim. It happens to me too.

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By attacking people, you acquire glory which you can cash in for prizes in the event page.

1 troop certainly isn’t enough to get any glory however, so it is a waste of time

Ya I think they just wanted to hit someone.:man_shrugging:

Forgive me, I have sinned. I smacked a 1 troop taunter in NML Sunday night cause I needed the 2nd kill to get the diamonds :see_no_evil:

There, I admit it, Shame :bell: Shame :bell: Shame :bell:

And no, I’m not doing the walk of shame naked unless I get a body double, one of those hunky dorks, or Ryan Reynolds :man_shrugging:, cause at least then I’d get to go home to Blake Lively :drooling_face:

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