Why keep pushing to crash into a wall?

After almost 3 years as as an E2P (regular and atlas when it came) I’am now genuinely wondering what is the rush to get to endgame…

I was lucky to get almost all of PG’s balancing during my growth but now I can’t see any motivation to get to the abysmal tier at its current full cost.

Currently I’m 406 and I’ve bred Lusian (loving him btw), Oculex+Modrian for 280k and Methalex for 19,5K (to backbreed Oni for 30,5K next breeding and put it on my perch).

My next breeding step is Blige+Evakhet for 280K.

Then, for the next step I will need to be 435 to breed abysmals… but I’m short on motivation to get there anytime soon, everything is telling me to just lay back and engage slow ride mode…

Right now I would need about 3,2k days of timers to enter Abysmal tier (406 up to 435), worth 23M of Fort event points (that’s 2 seasons of fort events for me…)

Then what? no more goals to achieve meanwhile the costs gets balanced for the ones staying a N-1 N-2? Then what is the catch to be at Endgame? To have the shiny new stepping stones dragons?
I can’t see any motivation in there, really…

To have the most powerful dragons available?
I’m not aiming to destroy the best bases triple defender by myself… And I can do well enough in PvP and wars now, in Empyrean tier.

So, anyone willing to enlighten me? Are the only motivation to be at endgame the ones I’ve liste above? What am I missing?



For me Im working to keep a balance and do well in events. I care more about keeping my breeding progress going than I do about what dragons Im getting since most lineage dragons are trash anyway. This Abyssal wall however definitely has me rethinking how much I push as a E2P player.

Out of habit Ive been pushing hard to reach 435 so that every event Im breeding a new dragon but the costs on the abyssal mythics pretty much kills that for me and quiet frankly the quality of the dragons they’re putting out this season has me thinking of taking a step back a bit from the game. Nothing but overpriced garbage as far as the eye can see. At least with the Vanguard mythics they were all really good.


Thanks, I’m in the same situation…

I’ve already stoped to purchase Atlas monthly elite (yesterday) and I still have 20 days remaining of yearly regular elite… I’ve made this ask in order to see why should I buy it for another year and why should I keep buying Atlas elite… because for now I’m not spending anymore, I’ve no motive to spend and speedup my growth.

Im thinking of dropping my regular elite altogether. The only actual relevant thing you get is the double egg tokens, the rest really doesnt matter anymore. I wish I atleast had the option to buy it with rubies but that was before my time to have that

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I’m even lower level, yet thinking the same and I too, got rid of my regular elite when I understood that Abyssals and ‘end game’ are closer than I thought and I’m running out of breeding options. I don’t even need Abyssals to perform good in PvP, capable of beating top bases even with Vanguard in my league anyway, so no need to rush.
At this point I enjoy Forts the most.
I’m happy where I am and don’t have a headache that I have to wait for every other wave of dragon release just to have a road being built right before my feet. I’m just easily walking in the middle of the road.
So no, I don’t know what can be possible motivation to get to ‘end game’ :sweat_smile:


Exactly! Right!?

So far, I can’t see how PG can sold me endgame… it became more of a hard task and obligation more than enjoying the game.

I am in the same position as the OP,
but slightly ahead of level. I plan to hit 435 next event (1.3k timers) and have finally reached endgame with breeding my first mythic abyssal in 3 weeks. My only goal would be to reach a higher level to have stronger dragons. But breeding more dragons at this cost / speed is hard :/…

That’s just me but my motivation to end-game is Atlas: I want to grow so that I can attack every taunter we are facing and counter snipe any primarks attacking our castles. Also, I want to catch up our leader in terms of all time atlas kills (setting impossible goals helps reach further than you would have expected)


My only motivation is to get my base defendable against all Dragons and therefore I need to have lvl92+ towers. Just to help the team mostly in Atlas. Right now I m a lvl 400. That is the reason why I try pushing for endgame. I don’t care about the dragons :smiley:

The costs start to have discounts at N-2 (like… did you got any discount for Empys?)

Just sayin’

Ah that’s true about Atlas :smile: I would have been that, if I devoted more time to the game :grin: I’m just too much of a casual player.


You are not a casual player! There are just different degrees of WD addictions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are not missing anything, just neck deep now into the realization of this game. Everything is targeted to the folks who can and are willing to purchase all 3 Abysmal Mythics this event. Just witness how fast PG responded to their mistake and then apologized to their small targeted audience for making them breed again at the correct but now discounted cost.

Anyone unwilling or unable to put several thousand dollars into each tier do not make it onto PG’s radar in any meaningful way. (I’m sure we are lumped into an “ancillary” bucket.) So we have a choice.

Spend nothing but normal elite and be happy with whatever progress you can grind out with a reasonable play time.
Move on and find a game where you can be relevant at end game using the disposable cash and time you can dedicated to it.

Nothing will change here. Hanging on month after month or year after year is pointless.


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