Why Morogot Fails Versus Defended Bases

My Morogot is ascended, and was built as perfectly as possible when I flew it. Morogot defeats undefended maxed bases easily, once the flier learns to use Dark Burden - Morogot’s attack boost spell - ‘modestly’

Will give you an example of something, given Morogot’s skill set, that not ‘modest’, but ‘excessive’ … using Morogot’s attack boost 2x on a small island

Why? Because when you use Morogot attack boost, the (-20%) health loss isn’t instantaneous. It’s gradual. And I suspect it continues beyond 3 seconds. So say you have 1-2 towers remaining, and decided to engage the atk boost a second time. Well the 1-2 remaining towers - you source of health gain - will die quickly, as you hoped. But from that point, all the way through the turn into the next island, Morogot is losing health fast, and Morogot has no towers / monuments to kill to offset that health loss. And you may think, losing about 15% health doesn’t sound so bad. But it’s actually way more than that. Makes me wonder if the first 20% health loss extend beyond 3 seconds. And if / when you press the atk boost as soon as its 3 second cooldown expires, the hp loss stacks :grimacing:

Whatever the case, it’s a flawed mechanic, that’s manageable when flying undefended bases. The best ways to manage this is a) limit Morogot’s atk boost usage, which slows the dragon down, but or b) on the next island, begin attacking towers and delay pressing the attack boost spell, so Morogot heals as fast as possible

But a death warrant when flying versus defenders, who are using +30% hp base boosts and hammer spamming. Versus defenders, Morogot no longer kills 4-5 towers per 3 seconds of attack boost. Versus defenders, Morogot breathe attack kills much slower. Let’s say versus defenders, Morogot is killing 2-3 towers per 3 second attack boost. So Morogot is now forced to reuse its attack boost every 3 seconds, just to stay alive. Morogot gives away so much HP that Morogot will die when hit, instead of tanking shots. And Morogot doesn’t have a spell kit that will prevent the dragon from being hit during the entirely 3 seconds it’s uncloaked. So death is unevitable, unless hitting way down, where killing towers remains fast enough to use the atk boost modestly


Would an appropriate buff be to minimize health sacrificed on Dark Burden or to increase health healed by Demonic Frenzy?

It might be better and easier to just x1.5 the base attack stat instead of playing with the amount of HP sacrificed or healing rate.


Oh yeah that makes sense too :+1:t3:

Have you tried Morogot with Fera as the rider with:

  1. Mend (+23% modified health over 4 sec) and +20% rage; and
  2. A mythic rage rune (+10.5% rage/+3% dragon attack)?
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Probably should have decided to scrap this release spell kit and instead add a breath modifier and a one shot, and possibly a spell that could act like a marker.

I have Fera, and suspect she’s equippable. Spell riders often get blocked when the dragon has a similar active spell. But Morogot heal is passive, so I doubt she’s conflicted out

That said, I am not in a rush to continue flying Morogot. Have 4 dragons upgraded to tier 155 towers that I prefer flying in Solarius, Cuadart, Ammak and Perwog. Am planning to perch Morogot once the perch bug - discussed in another post - gets fixed

And yes, Fera’s blue heal would offset this for casual pvp flying versus undefended bases. But versus defended bases, equipping Fera’s heal means you not only need shields, red mages, and ice flaks destroyed fast, but also blue mages. It would help sometimes. But not consistently.

Plus, the +300% attack boost not very strong. You want to add as much extra attack as possible through research, rider, runes/glyphs etc. So adding Fera, who boosts HP more than ATK, will decrease Morogot’s warrior attack. It’s a trade-off one could make. Yet it would be better if PG takes a stab at fixing the dragon. Many other fliers (looking at you, Harsha) don’t have the option of equipping Fera

If one added Fera, equipping an extra rage spell might be helpful. Even then though, I am not sure an extra rage spell would be needed. Low rage was never an issue when I flew Morogot. The spells are low cost, and as I mentioned, you don’t wanna spam the attack boost. So add more rage wouldn’t hurt. But you know the saying … if it’s not broke, don’t fix it :slight_smile:

In this post, am going to keep my comments to helping identify the problem. And will let PG worry about how to fix the problem

Consider me a problem finder, not a problem solver :laughing:


I got every spell rider after that . Would you believe I ignored the best one ever :cry:

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I meant what I said. :grin:

Crazy day yesterday. Sorry I skipped your comment😬

And agree that your suggestion - increasing Morogot’s 1.5x base attack stat (or by whatever amount achieves the desired outcome) - is one viable approach to potentially fixing the problem


to be honest we really need a bit of a response from pg not a what we are gonna do.

but more of a

these are not quite going as planned we are looking at these mythics or the numbers show these are great we are not gonna change them.


1- The problem: I confirm That again; morgot is useless dragon against defended bases.

I myself had time to fly ascended dragon with best exotic gears and fera as rider with almost all research buffs for warrior.
But it easily killed at the beginning of base defended.
Also played against it as defender and the results were the same. Dragon easily took down.

2- My idea to solve this: this dragon needs much more power. I can’t see it wining against defenders with even 20-30 percent more power. Imo, at least 50% more base power needed to play this dragon and enjoy it.

3- My Conclusion: this dragon is not even comparable with mythic lineage dragons. It’s more like old legendary dragon from last seasons against defended bases.


Damn, looking like another season (2 of last 3) where I will skip a mythic and use keys and tokens for gold chests next season.

Oh well, will make getting to lvl 700 easier.

Added - thank you Habib for trying out Fera.

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