Why no new dragons 🐉

Do we know why they didn’t release any of the new dragons? We have players that have all the dragons and they can’t play this event anymore!,

February is the new tier release


Research still exists.

And it’s been a new tier every 6 months for years now, can’t really be a surprise.


I know whales that rushed all 4 day 1. Then quit later when mythics where no new dragons :rofl:


Because physical relationships are approved only between conjoint :eyes:


Yes, we do. Because it isn’t time for them yet.
In the future it may be helpful to use the search function since there are already multiple topics asking about this. They already said at the start of the season that tier 20 drops in Feb.


Welcome to the forums and game. The game currently has egg problems for a good chunk of the population that aren’t whales or partial spenders. It’s better to wait 2 seasons for a new tier than releasing continuously each season. I highly recommend doing your research before posting on the Forums, mainly because they first said on the announcements they’d be releasing a new tier come February which means it’s going to be the 3rd or 2nd of February. Besides if you can’t go any further tier wise you can always back breed for eggs.

It’s 2 seasons / tier already :upside_down_face:

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They never planned on releasing new dragons this event… tell them to do research or just breed something random if they truely have that many excess egg tokens.

I scored my points by only doing research eggs. There are so many options for almost anyone, who isn’t a mega whale.


This is a duplicate thread @moderators. get this person if new to the forums and doesn’t know how to search for threads yet, so I’m not holding it against them. But again this is a duplicate thread, we know that new teirs are coming out in February.

We also have players that are catching up in this game

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