Why not GMT like time reference?

Would it be possible to put all schedules in GMT?
At least it’s an international time reference.
I never know the time difference of Pacific time.

2nd remark: would it be possible to shift wars and events so that they are not always beneficial to Americans?
Being in Europe, it’s annoying to always have wars that start at 1am or 2am (wave impossible to do). And for events, you have to wait between 22pm until 1am (for Europe)war. This is not manageable for those who are not on the American continent.
Do wars of 23h or 25h eg, like this, the beginning will change all the time.

Thanks in advance.

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Pacific, because PG is in Pacific, though I can understand moving to GMT. I like to use this International Meeting Planner for converting times, because I’m lazy.

War start times have been discussed without end.


Thanks for the planner.

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