Why not open all chests in the Armory right away?

I’ve always compulsively opened all chests as soon as I earned them. But I’ve heard that there are reasons not to do that.

Any ideas?

Better to either save them for an event which has drops you need, or save them for the start of the season so you can benefit from the half off dragons


I’m too much of a newb to understand what you said. Could you please explain in more detail?

How do I know what drops what events have?

How would opening the chests at the beginning of a season help me get the half-off dragons?

Some events have different drops. In fort you get embers and more timers than in PvP. But PvP events have inner fires and energy packs (example) which you can use to score better in events.

Every 13 weeks there’s a new season. 2 of the lines in the season will be 50% off, which makes the sigils you get from opening chests effectively twice as good


Each of the chest types has a little i button you can click on to see the possible drops.


As RuRu stated, PvP events get you inner fires and energy packs from Bronze and Gold chests. These get you more points in the PvP events, so more prizes in the long haul. For this reason most players only open Bronze and Gold chests during PvP.
Silver chests have different runes for different events. Mythic Ammo is probably the most sought after, so many players only open Silver chests when it’s available.
Platinum and Draconic don’t change much, so you can usually open those during any event. But as stated above by Gadfly, it never hurts to check and see what the drops are.
End of a season you might have all of the prizes (usually Dragons and Riders) you need, so save Bronze, Gold, Draconic and Platinum for next season; and get sigils to start the next season off with a bang.

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It’s easier to get a seasonal mythic if you save up your chests and open them at the beginning of the season. Not impossible without but quite difficult

So if Mythic Ammo isn’t on the list, then I’ll just wait for the next event.

Hmm, silver then.
It’s better to keep all your silver, while stalking waiting for Potato Queen @FieryxFury


Yes, ammo is typically available during fight pits, which we were expecting this week but :woman_shrugging:

Here is where we stalk the potato, source of all that is good:

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There is a spreadsheet that you can use to select the amount of chests you want to open (recommend 100 at a time for gold, plat, and dracs; 1k for bronze) only open silvers during pits for ammo and caves if you like invokers. There are lots of helpful resources found under Zami’s spreadsheet vault under the guides and resources tab on forums. Spreadsheet Vault by Zami

There are lots of strategies on what to save and for when. I think most in the game have been saving for next season for a while now. I saved for an entire season and part of the one before to get my first mythic. The game has changed a lot, but it still requires a lot of patience and savings.

Good luck and hope you find a team, who will help you!

don’t open any chests for an entire season for starters

I think the main thing people dont understand is that drops arent random. They follow predefined sequence.
And the consequence of this is that if you open a lot of chests at once it gives you higher chance to get better drops.


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