Why not use 7&8 as kill island?

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I’m curious why I don’t see many 7&8 kill island? Isn’t 7&8 a stronger kill island compared to 4&5 because of perch?

I will have to relocate my kill island from 1&2 to 4&5 soon but I’m thinking that 7&8 would be better. Would love to get some opinion and experience on this

Only reason I can think it benefits to have 4-5ki is your perch will cover six as well

I’mi haven’t built on six but it’s there when I’m ready

I don’t plan on using 3&6 for anything beside rage drain island anytime soon

Mostly because if your base isn’t big enough to distributes towers well, it helps get the 70% earlier when kills are on 7&8 which if active in atlas ultimately hurts you and same goes for pvps.
Also, not all towers hit on 7&8 because of range before the dragon eliminate it


I think 70% applied similar to 4&5 as kill island no?

The range was also my thought. I’m guessing range between 7&8 is much longer than 4&5 right? Can you confirm this or just a guess?

When I move to 4&5 or 7&8 … 1&2 will be occupied by max farms and mills, howie, lightings, plylon, and cosmic

To an extent but they’d have to waste time on 7&8 still cause most put a small mage on there so they gotta start from that

Ngl island 7&8 is difficult to get through because the spells CD are changed in a way, dragons like Solaris can’t cloak at the fisrt island and Tapp out the back towers ect.
7&8 are also difficult to get through personally since not many people have them unless they are JLs.

7 and 8 are spaced apart much further than 4 and 5. While the perch is an asset, it’s also much easier to deal with island 8 before you get in range of the towers on 7.
Another downside is that half of 8 can be dead before you get a chance to load in as a defender.

Advantages are no preparation time for the attacker and the extra perch, but overall 4 and 5 are much more defendable.


Also time is a factor, if you put 70% of your base on 7-8 then people can just wipe that island and leave incredibly quickly, this would only be viable if you split the ratio between 7-8 and 1-2 to prevent an easy 70% Victory from happening early


7/8 can be very effective when combined with a base that’s big enough to handle it. Just a 7/8 usually leaves the base being very weak

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