Why permanently not working stuff PG?



So, PG just gave me 30 odd rubies to ask my opinion about the game. My main suggestion was to fix long time things that were broken and never bothered to be addressed.

Got one to beef about?

My main beef is that the process to switch teams is really painful mostly because none of the options work. Send and application to a team? Nope broke. Oh wait, there’s two ways to do it? Nope, both broke. Low Activity/Inactive replacement? Works sometimes, maybe, but completely uncontrolled. I’ve got an idea. Let’s wait till we catch up with each other via email so we can kick someone off the team then try to get the new person to accept the invite before ten teams declare war on us! Yea, that’s the best process ever!


Uhh, how? This isn’t broken for me and has never been.

Are you talking about the recruit feature?

I think this is a specific case. I literally have been swapping my alt in and players in for years and have never had any issue at all. Could you describe and show your issue?


We always have the player apply to our team so we can do the kick/accept in very short order.


It’s pretty simple. Have the person apply to your team. Their application sits there. An officer logs in, boots a player, then accepts the applicant. Take a whopping 5 to 10 seconds.


I’m more interested in how you got the survey to work! Magician! :sparkles:


The only recruiting issue I have ever had a problem with is when a player applies to multiple teams. Team A accepts them, then a couple hours later team B accepts them. Only saw it in lower leagues and not sure if its fixed or not, but it was a pain in the arse


Normally applications are removed when an applicant is acxepted to another team. Unless, he/she applies after being accepted on your team.


The op sarcasm is priceless. :+1:t2:


Thanks for the posts. Hopefully, I am just needing to be schooled on some of this, but this is what I’ve encountered.

Granted all this is hearsay, since I haven’t tried it myself.

I’ve gotten emails from multiple people who have tried to submit applications to our team and they always say, all they get is a message, “Team is Full”. I have never gotten anyone in the two queues, that is the one that has the people icon with the mail nor the one with the people icon with the timer. We have had people try to apply to our team. I don’t think I even know the difference between the two icons. :thinking: Maybe, I just need some schooling on how those two things work.

The low activity/autoboot seems to work for our team but the inactive/autoboot doesn’t always work for us. I don’t know how it figures out who it’s going to boot if there are multiple. Luckily our team hasn’t had to worry about that too much. I’ve seen other threads of people complaining that their’s doesn’t work.

Swapping, as per my last comment, works just fine. It’s just a pain trying to make sure both people are on at the same time so it can be done quickly enough before you get a war declared on you. And, it just kinda sucks, since this is the only way that works for me.



So if they have an invite, this message will pop up and not allow them to accept the invite. If they apply to a full team, it will also say the same thing. Some might just see the “full” button and not know they have to click it to apply.

The one with the mail icon is the applicants, the one with the timer is where you’ve applied to.

This is a broken issue in the game that they are working on.

I understand that. If you don’t mind, shoot me a PM with your team name and I’ll try some things with my alt on your team to see if we can’t solve some issues or find the problems.


It took a bit of doing, but when I hit the “back to War Dragons” arrow at the top of my browser, viola! :money_mouth_face:


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