Why PG ? Fix ur glitches

I’m not the one to complain but I’m so tired of always trying to counter someone and my screen just go back or tells me to exit atlas. I have uninstalled the game and reinstall it and it’s still the same. I was playing around with my second device and it also has the same problem. I’m wondering if anyone has it too ?

I have been seeing pg put less effort into the game and it’s really sad. I’m no longer hyped for new content because the art is disgusting. I don’t know what PGs plans are but it feels more like they are trying to kill the game.
I never complained about the new atlas rules or anything even tho they are pathetic pleasing the top TA so they can pick on small teams and get there guards. All I ever wanted is atlas to have 0 lag, delays, glitches and I’ll be happy.
Instead of bringing these updates out with new content focus on the problems the game currently has.

I can defend castles because of this and it’s getting really annoying at this point it happens like every 10 minutes. I play on a newer device and I honestly don’t know what’s the problem.


if u play on Android, u shouldn’t be surprise. the game is poorly optimized for Android (high end processor- low tier processor) its better to play in on IOS


I use last years iPad Pro iso
I use to play on android it’s was 50 shades of glitches


Nope I face a similar problem too… whenever I try to claim the prizes from Atlas season events…The game always crashes saying " War Dragons is trying to connect to servers… please restart the game ". I use IOS

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If we’re talking about glitches don’t forget Aligane exists it’s filled with traffick based lag.

If we’re talking about bugs, Android app still crashes every time when you rotate the screen orientation. Been like this months now and no fix or eta @DragonPunch


If we’re really talking about bugs the android help button has been broken/disabled for almost a year and they still havent given us any information about it. Nor are we allowed to ask about it apparently


Android and iPads always seem to have issues. Don’t think many iPhone users have as many annoying issues.

My ipad is working just fine. Android mobile phone though…yikes. game is running like dogfood and then the bugs😂

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This was happening constantly to me also. When I upgraded my iOS software, it helped tremendously. Still happens occasionally but not nearly as often.

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Have you tried lowering the graphics quality?

I did it didn’t help but today atlas hasn’t played up so maybe it was a server issue idk

I’m always getting the black screen. Always when entering menus so either to get into an event (both atlas and regular game) or when trying to enter the castle menus in atlas. I have a couple of accounts, each on a different iOS device and they have the same issue so not account or device specific. This is definitely a PG issue. There was a black screen issue before which we were told was fixed in an update. It lasted right up until the next update came out and then there is was again :roll_eyes:

Just in case, which model?

iPhone 6, iPhone 7+, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPad Pro I forget offhand which version.

SAME. Such a simple thing we usually take for granted, but to close the app every time the screen rotates is AWFUL. And the rotation lock doesn’t stop it from happening.

This happened recently for me after the last Android then PG update. Not sure which specifically broke it.

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I just wish I could get rid of the “null” chat that I have been dealing with for over 5 years.

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I’ve been dealing with a weird issue where it says I’m not apart of said group and … it lies like game what is your issue?!?

as per i know game was small it got spike then people are leaving the game again (u should know the reason if u are old school) . dont expect anything from pg. be glad with what you have . cheers to all the mates that been playing this game and having insane tolerance.

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I just live torturing myself :joy: what can I say other than I don’t have better things too do.