Why price increased for lower tiers?

I’vee started Archimera generation last breeding and it costs 7 token/fragment. Now I get into breeding and it costs 13 tokens/fragment

Pretty sure your simply misremember, obsidian was 13 tokens before as well.

Maybe because previously you were using Emerald parents and now you’re using Obsidian parents? But even then you’re remembering wrong. Nothing about the tier discounts has changed since they added Vanguard several months ago
Vanguard parents = 17
Harbinger parents = 15
Obsidian parents = 13
Emerald parents = 11
Garnet parents = 9
Sapphire and Platinum parents = 7


Lol. The bug is in ur memory.

There is also something I don’t quite understand.
Red’s guide says Evakhet = Methalex + Tuktu 157,500
But we had to use 175,000 for the exactly same breed, with same parents :woman_shrugging:t2: like it says in all options.

I’m not sure I understand the question.

At what point did it cost you 175,000? What do you mean “in all options”?

There wasn’t a discount when Empyrean was top tier. There is a discount now. Costs change with the release of each tier.

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An hour ago, when we bred Eva.

Here. Red’s guide. First image - the path we are using, second is “All Sapphire-Empyrean options”

Then why did it take a not discounted price now?


edit: I wasn’t looking right, seems like it should work fine.

If you used empyrean parents, there is no discount, and it does cost 175k. I think the line in Rajin J2 is a mistake.

:astonished: Red is… WRONG? My Lord, first time I see it :joy:

Edit: Okay then, these issues aren’t related

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:joy: even Red is just human, but it’s a rare sight for sure. That’s assuming it doesn’t turn out I’m wrong after all… :joy:

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There still isn’t. A big section of those paths are a little screwy. Discounts applied where they shouldn’t be, discounts not applied where they should be, incorrect discount values, etc.

It looks like she might have put the 5 and the 7 the wrong way round. More a clerical error than anything tbh. 157k tokens is a very strange number so I think it’s a typo

It’s exactly 90% of 175k. Indicating a 10% discount. It’s also in multiple spots.

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Someone should probably tell her :joy:


In the tabs NORMAL and sub 400 Vanguard-Empy, the discounts applied for vanguard is set at 0.9 instead of 0.85 (rounding error?)
Also, on the line before last of every path, when two empy are crossbred, a discount is applied whereas there should not be any.
Last, the tab for cheapest has not been updated at all since last discount but this might be intentional

I hope this will help Red :joy:

I stand corrected

I will :blush:


She just live in future, where we have 10% discount from Emp-s, so she is just ahead of time :joy: